Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rose a go go Mermaid

I did these nails for my sorority formal last night . I got fed up with my nails and the state they were in . In case you haven't notice the last couple of pics have been with glue on nails. I just was not liking the way they were looking . I caved and went to get them 'professionally done', I was not very impressed with the way my nails came out. I seriously think I do just as good a job when I do my "Quick Dip Acrylics " . So I think I will go back to that once these are in need for a fill or if one breaks . I have looked up a utube video on how to apply Quick Dip Acrylics , and I was doing them wrong . Once these nails give up I will be attempting the Quick Dip Acrylic nails.

As for the mani I used Sally Hensen Rose a go go and Konad sp in white with IP M 34. I choose the Mermaid because that is my Sororities mascot. I love my college years and it was partly because of my sorority . It was so great to see all of my sisters and hear about their families and lives .

News , I am having a private Nail party at Lauries little secret , a fabulous lil dress shop in the city of Lakewood CA . If you would like to attend drop me an email .

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