Friday, April 28, 2017

Quick Dip gold nails with black stamp , trying cinco de mayo ideas

I was growing tired of the round shape , also one of my fingers was not shape correctly .  I decided to do a new set ,  I usually do short nails , but this time I cut the tips first and then applied them .   I thought they would be pretty short , but they came out kind of long .   I didn't want to cut them and lose my shape , so I left them long.   It's taken a day to get used to typing , but so far so good. 

I applied the quick dip application and after I filed the nails I put IBD builder gel over them to  make them smoother .  Infact I think instead of using the IBD builder gel I could have just used the risen , I'll try that on the next set or fill.   I am hoping that the next time I change them it  will be a color change or fills.  

I think I still have some more practicing to do , but so far they look pretty decent .  for this set I used a gold color from Salley Hansen , called Game of Chromes , and then applied a stamp from my Konad stamping plate in special polish black pearl.   The design kind of reminds me of a fiesta , with the swirls and curves .  

I decided to purchase a professional stamping kit and bought a starter kit from Reval ,  I seen some tutorials on youtube and it looks pretty easy to use .   I paid $50.00 for the kit and I can't wait until it comes in the mail.  

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quick Dip nails , Red gold ombre with Stars .

My ring finger on my right hand broke , instead of redoing it with gel , I decided to try a new overlay .  I don't know why but the gel nails were still not strong enough for me .   I recently read an article in nails magazine about how Acrylic dipping is coming back .   I once did these type of nails for my sisters wedding and I was impressed with them , but due to the condition of my nails they never lasted very long .  

Instead of repairing my broken nail with gel , I decided to do the repair with quick dip acrylic instead.    I just started with the ring finger because that was the nail that was broken .The nail came out smooth and strong , it has not broken yet :) I was so impressed with how it looked that I decided to do all my nails. 

When I first did the repair it took less than 10 minutes , I actually did it while I was working and on hold on the phone .  I later decided to do the rest of my nails.   There are a lot of videos on YouTube to use as tutorals ,you can either purchase a kit or make your own kit .  I brought a wrap kit a little while back and saved the gel and activator spray.   I had also purchased a tub of Beauty Secrets acrylic powder in pink . 

Items that you use are for this type of application are  acrylic powder , risen or UV gel , and if you use risen an activator for the risen.   You can usually get the activator if you purchase a quick dip kit or nail wrap kit or you can also use nail glue dryer .   I found that you can find all of these items at Sally's Beauty Supply.    I have also found that there are many kits for sale on amazon however they are about $45.00 to $100.00.  I just figured I could make my own with the stuff that I had on hand.   

For this set I just filed the gel nails that I had with the 180 grit side of my file .   I took my nail risen and applied to my nail like nail polish .  I dipped my nail in the acrylic power , brushed off any excess powder and then took my risen and applied in a slow tapping motion.   In stead of applying the risin like polish , I just applied in small sections and let the risen spread onto the nail.   Once the whole nail was covered I dipped in acrylic again and did the same procedure with the risen.   I sprayed the activator on the nail allowed the nail to dry and once my nail was dry I filed the shape with the 180 side of my file and than filed the nail smooth with the 100 side of my nail file and than followed with a white buffing block.  

After filing my nails I brushed off the nails and cleaned them , I applied my red nail polish and than took a gold polish and put it on a sponge and dabbed in on the tips of my nail creating an ombre effect.  I used my clear stamper and applied white stars from my Konad stamping plate. 

So far I have been impressed with quick dip nails no more have broken so far .  I am hoping that these last .  The best thing about  this application was that they were super easy and very fast to do , also the filing was not bad.   I shaved about two hours off of my usual time for doing my nails.   I have even gotten compliments on these nails.     I feel I still need some practice on my painting technique , but so far so good .  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pink Spring Nails and new clear nails stampers !!!

My nails are holding up a bit , its been a couple of days.   I got a lot of compliments on my Easter Egg nails , however I noticed that the design was not quite straight .   I turned to my trusty internet and you tube and found that there are clear stampers .   I first checked if Konad had any and they don't .    Next I check Amazon and found some , purchased three of them on Saturday and got them on Sunday. 

Of course I had to try them out and these things are amazing and make it so much easier to place stamps on your nails .   You can see where you are putting you image on your nail.   I did these pink nails with light pink flowers from one of my Konad plates.  You can use these stampers with both regular nail polish or Konad special polish.

Pink Nails light pink konad flowers .

Clear nail Stampers

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Nails 2017

I have finally recovered from my surgery and what better way to celebrate than to do my nails.  For the past three months I have been confined to my recliner because I could not move .   I had to have a Hysterectomy and it was a long recovery .  I could not have nails for the surgery so I had to take them off .   During my recovery I did not have any energy to even try to do my nails.  However during all my down time I viewed a lot of YouTube videos on how to do gel nails.   Every time I did my nails they would only last for about a week.   I had to find out what I was doing wrong .  I came to the conclusion that I may not have been applying enough layers of gel and may have not been allowing the gel to cure properly and I have also been using the wrong nails tips .  I found this You tuber Jessica Angelique, you  must check her out. Her videos are awesome , informative and easy to follow .

On to my design , I decided to do a round shape as I have notice that round nails seem to be the style this year.    Because it is Easter what better design to do with round nails than an Easter Egg.   I used square tips and followed the usual procedure for adding tips to your nails and shaped the nails into a round shape. 

I dehydrated my nails with alcohol and added to thin coats of primer.   I applied the required amount of IBD bonder and than followed with two thin coats of builder gel cured for two minutes.   I went on to building up my nails .   I applied a slightly thicker layer of builder gel to the middle of my nails and capped the free edge and cured for two minutes.  I applied another thick layer and applied to the middle of my nail again but this time pushed some of the gel just to the cuticle and than tried to float it to the free edge of the nail and cured again for two minutes.   At this point I check out the nails and you could tell that they were taking shape I applied another thick layer to the nails starting in the center and pulling the gel to the free edge and cured again for two minutes .   At this point I checked out the nails again and added gel to any areas that needed it then cured for two minutes and cleaned off the dispersion layer with alcohol. 

I filed the nails beginning at the cuticle area and working my way to the free edge .  To file the cuticle area I used the coarse side of my nail file , although next time I think I might use my E File to may it faster .   After filing the cuticle area I checked the shape of the nail and I could see the apex forming and a shape to the nail.  I took the smoother side of my nail file and evened out the rest of the nail .  I followed with some primer around the cuticle area and than applied a UV top coat and cured for four minutes .  The top coat that I used does not need to be whipped off .  I buffed my rest of the nails with a white block and added cuticle oil . 

For the color I decided to use this pearly pink color , its close to white but too white , I did one coat only allowed them to try and applied my Konad nail stamps in contrasting Easter colors . I still need more practice I think but I'm getting there .   I spent a lot of time on these nails and I am  hoping that they last a lot longer than my Christmas nails.   I am noticing that I need to spend a little more time on blending the nails. 

If anyone follows me I hope you have very Happy Easter weekend!!