Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quick Dip nails , Red gold ombre with Stars .

My ring finger on my right hand broke , instead of redoing it with gel , I decided to try a new overlay .  I don't know why but the gel nails were still not strong enough for me .   I recently read an article in nails magazine about how Acrylic dipping is coming back .   I once did these type of nails for my sisters wedding and I was impressed with them , but due to the condition of my nails they never lasted very long .  

Instead of repairing my broken nail with gel , I decided to do the repair with quick dip acrylic instead.    I just started with the ring finger because that was the nail that was broken .The nail came out smooth and strong , it has not broken yet :) I was so impressed with how it looked that I decided to do all my nails. 

When I first did the repair it took less than 10 minutes , I actually did it while I was working and on hold on the phone .  I later decided to do the rest of my nails.   There are a lot of videos on YouTube to use as tutorals ,you can either purchase a kit or make your own kit .  I brought a wrap kit a little while back and saved the gel and activator spray.   I had also purchased a tub of Beauty Secrets acrylic powder in pink . 

Items that you use are for this type of application are  acrylic powder , risen or UV gel , and if you use risen an activator for the risen.   You can usually get the activator if you purchase a quick dip kit or nail wrap kit or you can also use nail glue dryer .   I found that you can find all of these items at Sally's Beauty Supply.    I have also found that there are many kits for sale on amazon however they are about $45.00 to $100.00.  I just figured I could make my own with the stuff that I had on hand.   

For this set I just filed the gel nails that I had with the 180 grit side of my file .   I took my nail risen and applied to my nail like nail polish .  I dipped my nail in the acrylic power , brushed off any excess powder and then took my risen and applied in a slow tapping motion.   In stead of applying the risin like polish , I just applied in small sections and let the risen spread onto the nail.   Once the whole nail was covered I dipped in acrylic again and did the same procedure with the risen.   I sprayed the activator on the nail allowed the nail to dry and once my nail was dry I filed the shape with the 180 side of my file and than filed the nail smooth with the 100 side of my nail file and than followed with a white buffing block.  

After filing my nails I brushed off the nails and cleaned them , I applied my red nail polish and than took a gold polish and put it on a sponge and dabbed in on the tips of my nail creating an ombre effect.  I used my clear stamper and applied white stars from my Konad stamping plate. 

So far I have been impressed with quick dip nails no more have broken so far .  I am hoping that these last .  The best thing about  this application was that they were super easy and very fast to do , also the filing was not bad.   I shaved about two hours off of my usual time for doing my nails.   I have even gotten compliments on these nails.     I feel I still need some practice on my painting technique , but so far so good .  

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