Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Acrylic Dip Nails , Revel Nails .

I thought that making my own dip kit was pretty good , but I found a professional dip kit that is amazing !!  I recently purchase a Reval Nail starter dip kit , it came with four polish bottles and once 1oz jar of colored acrylic .   I purchase a light pink because I like to pain my nails , although I may eventually purchase some colored powder for the colors that I have trouble with , like creamy reds and pastels.    You can add tips or put an it on your natural nails.   Below are pictures of my nails after I add the acrylic to them and than painted.   The whole process was so easy and fast, I went from taking about three hours to do my nails to less than an hour .   I did these nails on May 11, and they are still on and have an incredible shine .  I have not broken any nails at all, so far so good.   If you like to do your own nails and are struggling with doing your own acrylics or gels , this product may be for you.   If you have trouble painting your nails this product may also be for you too, as long as you can leave a color on your hand for about 2 to four weeks.