Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Took another test and found out the problem.

So there is a fungus on my nails that is why they won't grow correctly. The doctor prescribed Lamisil to me , I have to take it for about 3 months and I should see an improvement. I can't wait to have healthy nails , to be able to polish them and stamp them .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is it than????

I heard back from the Dermotologist this morning , there is no fungus on my nails , thats good. But why won't they grow ? Did I ruin my nails for good ? They are begining to get on my nerves they are so brittle and flakey and just wish they were normal. The Dermotologist made me another appointment so we can find out he problem and start some kind of treatment .

I hope it works and I hope it is not expensive !

Monday, November 7, 2011

Theres hope !

I seen the Dermatologist and he took samples of my nails , I realized that I have let this go on for 15 years and not once did I try a Medical cure . Instead I thought that putting on artificial nails would solve the problem , when they were actually part of the problem.

The Dermatologist says that I will most likely have to take a pill and it should take about 6 weeks for me to get rid of the infection and to start growing my nails . I can't wait , as of now I am waiting to hear from the Dermatologist.

My big dilemma is whether I will try doing my nails again or if I will just leave them alone , I think if I ever get the "Itch " to have artificial nails , I'll do some gel nails on my own , I don't think I will be going back to a salon ever . Especially since I have all of the tools.

Monday, October 10, 2011

1st step to fixing this problem.

So though the nails I had on looked nice , they too started lifting on my right hand . My had is a real mess my nails are very very brittle and thin , there is basically no nails on this hand . My quick fix to this problem has been trying to do acrylics , gels and glue ons .

I went to the doctors about two year ago and seen my PCP , I was on an HMO than and my PCP basically told me there is nothing they can do . So with that I went on trying to do my nails with artifical nails.

Now that I have a new medical group and a PPO I am able to go to a dermatologist and try and get this pressing problem solved. My nails have become an obsession and are making me depressed and angry. I can wait to see what the Dermatologist says ! Wish me luck . I hope I can get my nails to grow back , so that I can paint them and do my designs .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orange french tips with a Spider .

The nails I did , did not last very long , :( , I was really hoping for them to be better. However I read on line about something called "Virtual Nails" they are supposedly a Fancy glue on nail. The closes thing I could think of that would be fast to do. Since I can't get out to a Salon right now , I decided to try out these nails that I bought while back . They are thin and comfortable and I have also read some pretty instresting reviews about them. They are kiss Custom fit nails .

They are all done in French Manicure , but I just painted over them in Orange and added they black Konad spider stamp for Halloween. These were really easy to apply and so far no one can tell the difference !

So my secret is out , I think I'll be using these for a while , we'll see how they work out .

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spidars !

My first manicure since I had my son. My son was born on September 1st and I have been pretty busy . Having a toddler and a new born is not easy!!! Things are getting back to normal and I had some time so I did my nails !

I think the design on the lower part of my nail M 45 looks like a spider web , My first mani for Halloween hope you like it .

I honestly think that I am going to stick with sculpting my nails , it takes a little longer but the nails look better and last longer to me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

M 65

sculpted gel nails

gel overlay , over tips .

New manicure for my baby boy. Yesterday we had a false alarm and ended up going to the hospital. After a stress test we were sent home. This pregnancy has been alot different from my 1st pregnancy . I don't remember feeling contractions or being as achey .

I thought maybe doing my nails would make me feel better . For this manicure I used the same blue color I have been using as a base and Konad Image Plate M 65 with Konad special polish in white.

39 weeks today .... I hope he comes soon.

No baby yet , but these nails did not hold up well. So I sculpted some gel nails instead , I did the same design though because I really like it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Model behavior and Konad Image plate M 69

IBD gel overlay , over tips . I am kind of fond of this blue right now . I used salley Hansen Model Behavior and Konad Image plate M 69.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue with white poka dots

My new manicure , I've been a little tired lately so I didn't sculpt these , I used tips . I decided to do this design for my upcoming baby shower . I am now 36 weeks and five days .... Just a little more to go and my 2nd boy will be here . I am excited and nervous .

Thesse are IBD gel nails , I used Salley Hansen nails polish in model behavior , and Konad Image plate M 79 and Konad Special white polish.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Konad Ip M 9 blue flowers

I did fills , and the nails are holding up well . None have broke , none have chiped , None have come loose. For this Manicure I used Ultra pro Pearl for the base , Konad light blue special polish and M9. I think I might do blue nails as I wait for my little bundle of Joy to arrive . I have 6 more weeks to go !!

Monday, July 18, 2011

first set sculptured Ibd gel nails

I decided to try sculpturing nails . I used IBD pink builder gel and nail forms . Every time I use tips they seem to come off , so I decided to try sculptuing nails . I think they came out ok , I think with some practice they will come out better , so far so good . For the color I used salley Hansen Plum Luck.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IM P M 35 Fairy

I did a new manicure , I seem to love the Sally Hensen Salon polishes , the base is Plum Luck with Im Plate 35 with Konad special polish in silver.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blue Stars.

I did a new manicure , I had to do fills ... any who I used IP M3 with konad blue special polish . For the base Pro Ultra polish from sallys in Pearl.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

stars and stripes

Happy 4th of July . Hope everyone has a safe one . For this manicure I used IP M3 for the stars with konad special blue polish , and M44 for the stripes with konad special wihite polish .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IKonad Image plate M 77

My mardi gra nails for a festival that I went to with my family. For this Manicure I used Image Plate M 77 with kondad special polish in purple and Ultra Pro nail polish in Molten Gold .

Friday, June 17, 2011


I did a new manicure using Ibd gel , Salley hansen Salaon nail polish in City Chic and IP M63 with Konad special silver polishs .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beige and black

My nails have been holding up pretty well. it's been about a week and I have no reason to redo them . The are going to need fills by this weekend though.

For this manicure I used a beig color with Opi to Have and to hold as the base and Konad special polish in black with IP M 54.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day !!

How do you like my Memorial day nails? I took a small break for a while and started up again . I just can't stay away from doing them and using Konad.

These are IBD gel nails , base coat is Lavander Cloud , with Konad basic stamping polish in blue and red . IM Plate M14.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's a boy !

Happy Mother's day fellow bloggers . Hope everyone had a great mother's day. I am now five months pregnant and we just found out that we're having another little boy. My lil guy is developing well and so far were having a good pregnancy .

I did this manicure in honor of my son who is kicking me in my tummy day and night . I decided to go short this time around . Once again I used my awsome nail forms and of Course Konad .

For this mani I used Sally Hanson Salon nail polish in Model Behavior and Konad special Polish in White with Image plate M 76.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Manicure .

I attempted to do another manicure . My red nails were lovely ,non lifted or broke or anything . Only had one problem on two of my nails the gel did not attach and so I ended up picking at them and than ended up just taking them off.

I decided not to give up though and gave it another try . I bought some new tips , applied them like normal . Than took the dual forms and fit them to my nails . I took the dual form put a light coat of gel and cured it for 1 minute with my natural nail with bonder.

I filled the dual form with gel , I did two coats of gel in the form , put it on my finger and cured it for 3 minutes . After 3 minutes I took off the form and shaped my nail . I really love these forms because all you have to do is remove the form , you don't need to file the nail at all , only the sides .

A perfect smooth nail comes out all the time . I painted my nails a nude color and than attempted a double color stamp using Konad special purple and green polish with Image Plate M54. A lovely spring mani .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New nails with dual nail forms

I had my 20 year celebration with my sorority last night . Of course I had to do my nails , my nails did grow back some , but because of the damage to them they grew back a little deformed. What a great chance to use my new dual nails form ,purchased from Ebay for $6.00.

The nail forms look like regular nail tips but have tabs on both sides and are really flexible and rubbery. The were very simple to use, you can use nail tips or just the form . I had to end up using tips , it is going to take while for me to learn to use the right amount of gel to get strong tips.

What I did was applied clear tips , filed them , added my bonder and than applied a thin coat of gel to the nail form. I cured both by nail with the bonder and the nail form for one minute . Than I applied a good amont of gel to the nail form. I put the form on my nail , held down my nail and cured it for 3 minutes . I made sure to whip away a gel the seeped out the sides .

Once the cure was done ,I took off the form and a perfectly smooth shinny nail. I didn't even have to whip my nail clean with my cleaner. I than painted my nails red pearl by China Glaze and stamped them with Kondad black polish IM 53.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I took them off .

The nails that I did needed to be filled but I got so busy and had no time to fill them . The gel ended up lifting up , well I picked at them and ended up taking the gel off of my nails. I have been thinking about trying to sculpture them but I'm not too sure. The gel that I had put on my nails did not come off , until I picked it off . If I had not picked at my nails I would probably have the nails on still. I have come to realize that just the gel sticks really good . I really want to try to sculpture a small tip on them , but I know it will take a good couple of hours to do them . Of course I have been going on Utube and finding videos about sculpting nails . In the midst of my research , I came across some thing called "Popits" " dual nail forms on the Coolnail art website. I googled them and I read about them watched tons of videos and confirmed that you can use gel with them . How exciting . I went on ebay and bought a set , they were only $6.00 . I can't wait to try them.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My second attempt .

My nails were still not looking so hot , So what did I do , spent two nights watching Utube videos on how to do gel nails . Some had directions written down , some had music , some had people talking about how to do the gel nails .

I really really really love gel nails . Anywho , I didn't add any tips or sculpt any tips , I have decided to start out small. I once again put gel on the very thin short nails that I have . They came out really smooth and they look as neat as I could get them with my two year old son bugging me .

In all the videos I watched , I learned that I could possibly have been putting the gel too close to my cuticles . This time when I applied my bonder and the gel I made sure I only applied it to the middle of the nail and made sure not to touch any of the surrounding skin. After I applied the gel and filed my nails , I cleaned them and put tea tree oil and sally hansen nail growth serum.

I am hoping that leaving them short will result in me doing them less than before , and with out tips theres nothing to break off or come off .

Heres a picture of what my nails look like right now . I am hoping that they will grow some .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My plan did not work ... ugh

So what I did yesterday did not last today . All the gel peeled right off . I know why because there is no nail surface to hold anything . I put a ridge filler on my nails to make them look some what decent . A some nail majic to protect them some .

My nails are a complete mess , it like I just have skin left on my right hand and on my left I have three normal fingers . I read somewhere that it takes about six months for nails to grow . When this baby is born I should have some kind of nails hopefully .

I hope I don't give in and start to do them again or turn to glue ons !!! Wish me luck I really need it !!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have nubins !

On Friday I spent 5 hours doing my nails , and today one broke and the others started to lift. I got fed up with them and took them off . I really did a number on my nails though , I noticed I have been doing my nails more often than two weeks .

I was doing them almost every three days or so . I would do them and than one would break and than I would end up taking all of them off and redoing them and than it would start all over again. Thing is my nails are so messed up that when I apply tips they would come off with in a week or less , and than result in me taking them off .

I am finally fed up with this endless cycle and have decided to try and grow them out again and go short . Instead of adding tips this time around I put gel on what was left of my nails . I'm hoping I can leave my nails alone long enough to see what develops . Spending hours doing my nails to have them break or have to be done with in a week is not worth it .

The gel works almost like acrylic , creating a coating to protect my very thin weak , brittle nails . The gel also creates a nice surface to do some konading also . I hope to do some konad signs still .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day !

I did a new set , hope you like them , I picked up the nail color at Target. Sinful colors , in Mint Apple .

Sunday, March 6, 2011

St Patricks Day Mani #2

I did a fill and I learned something new from coolsnailart . I learned how to take off my cuticles , I think it helped make my manicure look a little bit neater . For this mani I use Sally Hansen Jumpin jade for the base , and topped it off with Sally Hansen Lime Light .

I used scotch tape at an angle and stamped IP M 60 using Konad white polish and than stamped my ring fingers with IP M22 with Konad Special polish in White . I am thinking of entering it into the Nail art contest for OC Nail art.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St Patricks day nails #1

My first attempt for St Patricks day. I used a color called Rise and Shine for the base by Sinful Collections and I used IP M22 with konad special white polish.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pearls and Roses.

My new Mani this week. My husband got me a beautiful boquet of flowers for Valentines day and they were delivered to my work . I was inspired by my boquet for this manicure.

I used Opi Pearls night out , and Konad special polish in red with IP M 65.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines mani

A new mani this week for Valentines!!! I used Konad IP M35. Hope everyone has a nice Valentines day. I have a lot of love to ccelebrate. I am now 11 wks pregnant and things are going well. Heard the baby's heart beat!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine /Super bowl

Two new manis for you. I did the pink one first to kick off Valentines and than the second one is for superbowl this weekend . Can you guess who I am routing for ?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wined up roses from M35

First off I will never wear glue on nails again. If you did not notice the nails from post last week were glue ons .
I had gotten really sick and it was time to redo my nails , however I didn't have the energy to get out the gel. So I glued some on , they looked decent . Two weeks of wearing them they lifted and two of my nails had green on them , something that have never ever happened with the gels.
I took off the glue ons and repaired my nails , I disinfected them and filed them . I did a new set of gels , however I have decided to try and always keep them this length .
I decided to start off valentines early and choose this pretty rose design from IM Plate 35 with wined up. Whats better or more romantic than wine and roses !

Friday, January 14, 2011

I love this color .

I seem to love Coca Crisp by Salley Hansen , I love this color , it's so pretty . My last two manicures have been with this color . This is honestly one of my favorite browns . I haven't used this nail stamp design , I thought it went perfect with the color of the polish . What do you think? I must admit my skills are getting a little bit better . Now my nail polishing skills need some work lol.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Leopard Print #2

The husband went out and my darling little boy is a sleep what better time to do my nails in peace.
I decided to change the color for the Leopard print nails that I did before. For this mani I used Sally Hansen Insta Dry Polish in Coca Crisp and Konad special polish black pearl and IM Plate M 57.
I really like the way these came out , I applied the stamp Horizontal instead of vertically like I did the other ones. I think this came out a lot nicer . App ling the stamp Horizontally actually did more coverage than applying it vertically . Which set do you like ?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leopard nails !

I did a new manicure , Just did a fill today , I was surprised it took a while for me to do my nails over again . I did a gel fill and this time I did not file the nails , the gel settled smoothly all I had to to do was buff them with a white block and it worked great ! I decided to go with a full leopard print , I don't think I ever did this print . This is my 1st time using this design. Thought I would do something fun before I start on the Valentine designs !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Nails !

My New years Manicure .
Hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new years with their family and friends . I stood home , made some Pezole and rang in the new year with a nice glass of apple Cider .
My family is not very festivel , I ended up being the only person in my entire house that stood up until Midnight . I toasted to myself lol.
I hope that this year I can reach my goal with my nails and with my Konad nail art designs . I just hope that I have the time to do it , we recently found out that we will be having a new addition to our family . I am excited and a bit scared , because of what happened in August . So far so good though .
Items for this Manicure .
* Sally Hensen Xtreme wear in Celeb City
*Konad Special Polish burgundy
*Konad IM Plate M 8