Monday, March 21, 2011

I have nubins !

On Friday I spent 5 hours doing my nails , and today one broke and the others started to lift. I got fed up with them and took them off . I really did a number on my nails though , I noticed I have been doing my nails more often than two weeks .

I was doing them almost every three days or so . I would do them and than one would break and than I would end up taking all of them off and redoing them and than it would start all over again. Thing is my nails are so messed up that when I apply tips they would come off with in a week or less , and than result in me taking them off .

I am finally fed up with this endless cycle and have decided to try and grow them out again and go short . Instead of adding tips this time around I put gel on what was left of my nails . I'm hoping I can leave my nails alone long enough to see what develops . Spending hours doing my nails to have them break or have to be done with in a week is not worth it .

The gel works almost like acrylic , creating a coating to protect my very thin weak , brittle nails . The gel also creates a nice surface to do some konading also . I hope to do some konad signs still .

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