Saturday, March 26, 2011

My second attempt .

My nails were still not looking so hot , So what did I do , spent two nights watching Utube videos on how to do gel nails . Some had directions written down , some had music , some had people talking about how to do the gel nails .

I really really really love gel nails . Anywho , I didn't add any tips or sculpt any tips , I have decided to start out small. I once again put gel on the very thin short nails that I have . They came out really smooth and they look as neat as I could get them with my two year old son bugging me .

In all the videos I watched , I learned that I could possibly have been putting the gel too close to my cuticles . This time when I applied my bonder and the gel I made sure I only applied it to the middle of the nail and made sure not to touch any of the surrounding skin. After I applied the gel and filed my nails , I cleaned them and put tea tree oil and sally hansen nail growth serum.

I am hoping that leaving them short will result in me doing them less than before , and with out tips theres nothing to break off or come off .

Heres a picture of what my nails look like right now . I am hoping that they will grow some .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My plan did not work ... ugh

So what I did yesterday did not last today . All the gel peeled right off . I know why because there is no nail surface to hold anything . I put a ridge filler on my nails to make them look some what decent . A some nail majic to protect them some .

My nails are a complete mess , it like I just have skin left on my right hand and on my left I have three normal fingers . I read somewhere that it takes about six months for nails to grow . When this baby is born I should have some kind of nails hopefully .

I hope I don't give in and start to do them again or turn to glue ons !!! Wish me luck I really need it !!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have nubins !

On Friday I spent 5 hours doing my nails , and today one broke and the others started to lift. I got fed up with them and took them off . I really did a number on my nails though , I noticed I have been doing my nails more often than two weeks .

I was doing them almost every three days or so . I would do them and than one would break and than I would end up taking all of them off and redoing them and than it would start all over again. Thing is my nails are so messed up that when I apply tips they would come off with in a week or less , and than result in me taking them off .

I am finally fed up with this endless cycle and have decided to try and grow them out again and go short . Instead of adding tips this time around I put gel on what was left of my nails . I'm hoping I can leave my nails alone long enough to see what develops . Spending hours doing my nails to have them break or have to be done with in a week is not worth it .

The gel works almost like acrylic , creating a coating to protect my very thin weak , brittle nails . The gel also creates a nice surface to do some konading also . I hope to do some konad signs still .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day !

I did a new set , hope you like them , I picked up the nail color at Target. Sinful colors , in Mint Apple .

Sunday, March 6, 2011

St Patricks Day Mani #2

I did a fill and I learned something new from coolsnailart . I learned how to take off my cuticles , I think it helped make my manicure look a little bit neater . For this mani I use Sally Hansen Jumpin jade for the base , and topped it off with Sally Hansen Lime Light .

I used scotch tape at an angle and stamped IP M 60 using Konad white polish and than stamped my ring fingers with IP M22 with Konad Special polish in White . I am thinking of entering it into the Nail art contest for OC Nail art.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St Patricks day nails #1

My first attempt for St Patricks day. I used a color called Rise and Shine for the base by Sinful Collections and I used IP M22 with konad special white polish.