Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Nails !!

Happy New Years , Hope you enjoy my new , New Years Nails . I didn't have a silver polish so I went to the local Wal greens and found this amazing silver polish by Sally Hensen , I use SP in Peral black for the tips and stamp .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

candy cane christmas konadicure

I could not resist We are going to a christmas eve party tomorrow,I had to try a new manicure. I used the smae polish and image plate that i used in my pervious manicure. The base coat is beige by sally Hensen... Hope you like them. Merry christmas !!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas nails

Merry Christmas , May you all have a wonderful Holiday with your loved ones.
I did two christmas manicure. The first one was the one on the right. I used Salley henson rapid red for the base and Jumpin jade for the stamp I used the christmas tree from IP M12 and for the tips I used IP M60. For the second Manicure on the left side . I used China Glaze Red pearl and Opi White tips. I used IP M 12 candy cane design and IP M65 for the tips. I think they came out pretty good, Minus a smear here or there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hot pink fishnet tips

My new konadicure this week. For this manicure I used Sally Hansen Insta dry fast dry nail color. For the tips I used konad SP polish and Image plate M45. What do you think? I choose this manicure because it matches my rifle that my husband got me . We are going to a gun show on Sunday. I thought I would represent my rifle with my manicure.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

pink and black butterflies and flowers

I did a konadicure for my sorority sister"s baby shower. she is having her second girl and the theme was butterflies and flowers. It was so nice to see my sorority sisters again , we have all grown up and are now married with children. When we get together it"s like old times. For my manicure I used sallyhenson rose a go go and konad special polish in black. I used image plate M25. what do you think? I think I should have maybe used a smaller butterfly design ,however it"s growing on me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

no konadicure today

I have not done a konadicure this week. Hubby insist that I keep my nails plain until Sunday. We are taking our yearly family pictures. However I have a baby shower to go to and have an idea for a konadicure that I want to do. I so can't wait to do my nails. Speaking of doing nails , I got my co worker to buy konad. She was having trouble with it . I took my stamps to work and gave her a short lesson on our break, she went home at lunch and came back to work with stamped nails.... I can't wait to see what designs she comes up with ... I now have three followers ,,,, Yay ...thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

brown and red fall leaves

I did another new manicure , In keeping with the fall theme until Friday , than the christmas theme will start , I have so many ideas !!! I can't wait to see what the ladies whose blogs I follow do . I am really loving the acrylic dip system that I adopted . I still need a lil more practice but I will eventually get there . Cool I now have two followers ! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

fall leaves

I did another fall manicure this week . I used the same colors for the base and for the stamp as I did in my previous manicure. Iused a leaf design from image plate M6. Parten the nail polish on my thumb . Happy Thanksgiving . Oh and I'm gonna be an aunt .

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall Folliage

My new manicure for this week . I used image plate M36 . The base color is Hip Hip by sinful colors , I can't remember where I got this polish but I love the color . I used OPI white french for the design . I Like the way this came out looks like I got my nails air brushed .
Slowly but surely I am becoming my own nail tech . I just bought the ultimate manicure Machine by Supernail. A great lil cordless drill comes with atachments to shape and smooth my nails , and do perfect pedicures . If you do your own nails this machine is a must .

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black and White Pumpkins !!!

I joined pumpkin carving contest at work and will be taking my lil buddy (my son) to the pumpkin patch this weekend . I found it fitting to do my nails with pumpkins !!
I painted the base black and used OPI French manicure white to do the pumpkins and french tips . I thought they look like fences . I used my new Konad plate M13 (Halloween designs) that I ordered from OC Nail art last week .

Me and the boquet I made ...I 'm so proud .

Here is a pic of me and the bouquet that i made for my sisters wedding this Saturday . I made the bouquet to give to the Virgin Mary . My sister had a traditional Catholic wedding . I was so proud of my creation that I had to post a pic of it . We ended up using my lovely bouquet in her before pics for the wedding .
My flower teacher would be so proud ....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Final wedding set

I decided to keep things simple and do a Pearl nail with purple rose tips ....( I can't paint my nails without doing a konad design) The purple tips were pretty but when I put them next to my bridesmaid dress they disappeared . So I decided to do a pearl color , since were all wearing pearls for our jewlery , it's the one thing my sister insisted that all the bridesmaids wear for the wedding . She got us these really cute pearl and rinestone braclettes to wear . So thats were the idea for pearl came in . I used OPI nail lacqure in "Pearls night out " for the base color , I did two coats of polish . I was inspired by my sister's wedding them for the tips ' Antique and Roses' She is wearing this really pretty vintage inspired wedding dress , and her flowers are all purple and white roses . For the tips I used Image plate M65 with Nina Ultra pro nail lacqure in "Purple Pizzaz" . What do you think?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My konad Frame

Check out my Konad Frame . I brought the frame for $0.99 from my favorite place in the world Target , I'm there like every week . I made this frame for my co worker she loves zebra print . So I put the stamps to the test and ta da instant personalized frame !!! What do you think ? Konad isn't just to make beautiful nails but you can embelish anthing with a smooth surface. I used Kondad special white polish for the stamp .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

wedding manicure two

I did ffills and of course ended up doning anew manicure. I used a deep purple and did a french manicure and the same roses as last weeks manicure. The color I used was purp;e haze from Nina nail pro.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Purple Tips and roses

My sister is getting married and I am in the wedding I am going to obviously do my own nails , now that I know how and now that I have Konad . I tried out this look . I did purple tips I used Nina Ultra Pro nail polish in Last Call for the tips. I painted the nail half way and took a q tip dipped in nail polish remover and made the smile lines . I painted the inside of the nail with Nina Nail Pro Nail polish in spun sugar with Orly natural for french manicure over it to give the nail a pink tint . I used Nina Pro Ultra nail polish last call ( same color for the tips) for the roses that I stamped on my nail. I used Image plate M25 for the image of the rose . I took the pic with my G phone in my car . The quick dip acrylic method is working pretty well. I think I still need more practice . So what do you think guys ?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lavendar with white roses .

I redid my nails when I got back from Las Vegas . I decided to try something a lil toned down and simple . I did my acrylic dip nails this time . I think I may need to start using different tips as the ones I used show a lil bit through the acrylic . I used Opi nail polish and a rose design from my new Konad plate with the Konad white polish .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Party Purple

I couldn't resist , I added tips to my konad manicure yesterday ,, what do you think??? I enjoy doing my nails and being creative , Konad makes it easy . I did this with my 1yr old son hanging around , he seems to like them . My sister complimented on them the other day as well. She thinks they would be great for our Bachlorett Vegas trip next week !!! I can't wait .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yay I got my order from Kathleen at OC .... I just had to do a new manicure ... What do you think ? I used image plate M 57 , and Sally Hensen Insta Dry fast dry nail color in Royal Rum for the base and Uptempo Plum for the stamp.... I was very please with the result , I think I need a new top coat though the one I have made the color bleed a bit , but you can't tell to much . I even did my toes to match .

Friday, August 21, 2009

pink on pink with flowers

I did a new konadicure . I agree with casuallavish the french tip plate is hard to work with , However I am learning how to do french tip free hand, Start at the side and glide the brush to the other side , if you want a curve lift your brush a lil. It takes some practice , hopefully I get it down before my big Vegas Trip. I had ordered a kit for my neice and some more plates I was hoping to have them today , but they haven't arrived ,seems UPS LOST THEM , there going to do some research and hopefully I'll get them before I leave for Vegas !!! . I have been surfing other Konad fans site and got inspired , Let me just say that I love these nails , they have a nice C curve and are so easy to work with . I did a light pink for the base and a Satin pink for the tip , I used plate # M 6 sally hensen Mauve it for the tip and OPI french white for the stamp.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New nails

I did another set of nails this week. I'm try to find an easier way to them this time arround. so what do you think about these? They have the strength of acrylics but they are not thick. They didn:t take to long to do either can you guess what they are??? I painted them a natural color and of course I had to add a stamp to them. You can"t see it that good sorry. New Konadicure for this week. hope you like it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Girly Girl Nails

My cousin from canada motivated me to do a new Konadicure . What do you think ? It's a bit girly , reminds me of a lil girls sun dress.
I used Sally Hensen Fair Fawn for the base coat , and OPI White french tip polish and plates M20 and M45. Thats it for this week . The nails are holding up pretty well , none have broke yet . I think acrylic dip is my new best friend .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Konad from Canada !

Here are some Konadicures from Canada . My sixteen year old cousin came to stay with me for a month . I got her hooked on konad , she got to go to " Bag it Beauty " in Irvine thanks to Kathline from Oc , and buy a whole bunch of plates and colors before she headed back to Candada . She sent these today and I thought it would be cool to post her new creations !
Thanks Alex !!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nail file 2

Yesterday I did fills , The nails have suprising stood up , it only took about two weeks before I needed to do them again. I decided to go simple this week , the color is espresso from Sally hansen , Konad special white stamping polish , and Konad plate M20.

Nail file 1

I called this nail file 1 because , this is my first entry for my nail blogg .

I have been doing my own nails for about 12 years . I have tried , acrylics , and gels and even wore full cover glue on nails. None really worked, most were too weak and too messy . Finally I think I have discovered two ways to get the results I would like.

I found this product called "Konad" on the intra net . it's a nail stamp. I purchase a kit and some design plates from ebay . When I first go the product it worked great. But after using it for a while the stamps were not working so I put everything away for a while. Recently my great neice came to visit me from canada and she likes to do her nails ,so I brought out the stamps and they work great this time around !!! . That handled the nail art portion.

Now for my nails . I found these great tips that are clear at sally's beauty supply and brought this brush on glue . I tried a gel from Sally's but it smelled horible and made my eyes burn and the nails always came out un even and broke very fast . So I decided to try something new . I tried orderless acrylic from "all seasons" and that didn't smell but it took way to long for the acrylic to dry and nails broke too fast also. So I thought what about gel and acrylic together . Read about Nail dip acrylic system , at Sally's but it got a bad review , some one sugested making your own . So I bought IBD 5 second brush on Glue , diped my nails in some acrylic I had left over the orderless acrylic system and used the curing spray from the no light gel system that i purchased . I filed my nails an shaped them and than buffed them with a white block . They came out pretty good.

Konad design with special black stamping polish .