Friday, April 1, 2016

Decided to do something different and new   .  I went with an oval shape .  I used nail tips to add length and instead of using  regular IBD builder gel , I used IBD Intense seal.  We'll see how they hold up , so far so good. 

The intense seal was a lot easier to use instead of the regular builder gel and it was less messy.  also I did not have to file my nails as much .  I add the tips filed them until they were even with my nails , then dusted them off and polished on the intense seal . I dried my nails under the UV light for three minutes .  They came out completely dry , then I buffed them with a white block , applied cuticle oil and polished them .   It was so easy .  

They are not as think as normal gel nails , they have more of a natural look if that is what you are looking to do.   They feel pretty strong and secure.  If this works I may never do regular builder gel again.   My whole goal is to grow my nails and keep them protected .   I am hoping that the intense seal doesn't crack or anything , we shall see.   I always use the Intense seal over my regular gel manicures and have never had a problem.   I had to add a flower for a spring design from my Konad nail stamp collection.