Saturday, January 30, 2010

First valentine konadicure

As promised here is new konadicure i did . I played around with stamps for about two hours today . Trying to perfect the french manicure plates saddly I was unsuccessful , however I did manage to do a good free hand french tip , I didn't even have to use nail polish remover to do the smile line .

For this manicure I used Sallyhenson beige blast for the base and for the tips I used Sally Henson Rapid Red for the tips and hearts which I used from plate M3. If anyone has any pointers of how to use the french plates successfully please send me your tips.

Thanks for looking .

I am sorry

My husband said he knew I would not be able to stop. I just could not help it ladies , I did my nails . I am sorry to those who gave so much support . I guess I am just so obsessed with doing them . I have to draw the line some where though I have to learn to just leave them alone and do them every two weeks. Your all probably thinking this lady is a weirdo . Yeah I am . I promise to keep you entertained with some new designs . I see that I have 24 follwers!!! It's pretty cool. I love everyone's designs !! I will post a pic of a new design soon .

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Three

Hey guys thanks so much for the positive words. I am really going through withdrawls lol. I guess you can say I am in Nail rehab . I really do hope this works this time. Polish problem is really an inspiration to me and I just hope I can bounce back like her. I really wish I had realized this a lot sooner than now. I enjoy all your designs and can't wait to post some of my own. Thank you to everybody !!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day two of no glue ons

So it's day two with out nails . I can type easier , he he he. I can't lie I do miss my nails . Seeing everyone's bloggs and all their beautiful designs with Konad make me want to put my nails on and do a design ,,, I think in a couple of days I will be able to do a simple design . I'm looking forward to the day I have long beautiful nails.... Thanks to everyone who joined my blogg I will do my best to post some designs . I noticed that I now have 20 followers !!! Yay ... Happy konading !

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying something new .

I was motivated by a Polish Problem , I follow her blogg everyday and she decided to grow out her natural nails and do away with the artificials . I took off my glue on nails yesterday and I had some pretty bad damage to my nails . My nails are supper thin , brittle and dry . My tool of choice is nutra nail , nail care system . I am using there 5 to 7 day growth treatment . I am on a new journey , not acrylics , gels , dip systems , and glue ons , but the journey of trying to grow my nails .... wish me luck . I have added a pic of my nails right now they are painted . I am way to embarassed to post a naked pic of them ...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just thinking.

Almost everyday I look at all the blogs I follow . Some of them use koad in all their post and others show swatches of nail polish colors. I must say I love all of them . I don't have a lot of China Glaze colors , or OPI or the high salon brands. I have practically the whole collection of Sally hansen Insta Dry colors !! I seem to love Sally hansen .... Any who no konadicure this week , our company's CEO is coming for a vist and we have to look professional so I did a simple french manicure . I used sally heson beige for the base and opi french tip and the light pink tint from OPI. I do one nail at a time. I paint half of the nail , dip a q tip in nail polish remover and created the smile line. I'm getting a lil bit better and I'm trying to be a lot neater. I guess I need to start wearing my glasses when i do my nails .... There are some post that I am so embarassed of . Here is my pic of my french manicure . Please share the way you do yours.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blue french pokadot manicure

Another konad manicure, white french tip with salley hensen blue streak. What do you think of my french manicure.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blue curls french manicure

I decided to do the french manicure a lil different . I tried to use the M 19 disk,but its thin . I tried doing the french tip free hand . what do think ? I used china glaze Heaven for the base and sally hansen blue streak for the tip, than I used Sally Hansen Blazing blue with Konad image plate M56.

Friday, January 1, 2010

light blue curls

Hope everyone had a good new years . We stayed in ,the baby was fussy. I got board earlier today and decided to do a new manicure. I use beige blast for the base, white tips from orly and IP M19. I used Sally Hansen blue streak and IP M56 and IP M25. I followed the smile line with a pearl light blue nail art pen. hope you like them.