Monday, January 18, 2010

Just thinking.

Almost everyday I look at all the blogs I follow . Some of them use koad in all their post and others show swatches of nail polish colors. I must say I love all of them . I don't have a lot of China Glaze colors , or OPI or the high salon brands. I have practically the whole collection of Sally hansen Insta Dry colors !! I seem to love Sally hansen .... Any who no konadicure this week , our company's CEO is coming for a vist and we have to look professional so I did a simple french manicure . I used sally heson beige for the base and opi french tip and the light pink tint from OPI. I do one nail at a time. I paint half of the nail , dip a q tip in nail polish remover and created the smile line. I'm getting a lil bit better and I'm trying to be a lot neater. I guess I need to start wearing my glasses when i do my nails .... There are some post that I am so embarassed of . Here is my pic of my french manicure . Please share the way you do yours.

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