Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Added silver stars halloween #3

I added silver stars to my nails . I kind of like having them this long. So far have been lasting pretty good. Usually by now I would have done another layer of gel or would have broken one.
I think the utube videos I found have helped a lot. Perfect nails for my witch costume.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hallowen #3 new nails

New Halloween nails !
I didn't like the nails I had before so I did a whole new set .... I even did new tips. These are clear gel builder Overlay , over medium nail tips
I painted them black to go with my Halloween costume I am going to be a Witch. When get closer to Halloween I think I am going to add some silver stars to match the sleeves on my costume .
I think I could really use some pointers on filing near the cuticle and doing a more neater paint job . However I kind of like these I did them longer than I usually do . I guess you could call these Halloween Talons lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

black and orange pumpkins

We took the kids , little Richard and Miss Nat Nat to the church Festival and The Pumpkin Patch this weekend . Than Little Ricky and I did the CHOC Walk on Sunday at Disney Land.

I used IM plate M44 and M13 the Pumpkin Design!!! I still need to work on shaping of my nails.

I find that at times I don't use enough gel and the shapes often are off some are longer , some are shorter . The shapes are not very neat .

Know what they say practice makes perfect and I am constantly doing my nails . It's pretty much become an obsession almost . I do hope that once I get to where I should be that I won't be doing them as frequent and that I'll spend less time doing them . I am hoping to produced neater and cleaner nails .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween skulls and spiders !

Here is another manicure . I decorated my Yard Yesterday and one of my nails broke :( darn Yard work . I had bought some "Happy Halloween " stuff , but ended up doing the Yark in "Spooky Halloween".

I put up awsome tomb stones and skulls on my lawn and I have two scarey monsters. One is hanging in a tree and the other is sitting on my bench . I hope the kiddies don't get scared !

On to my Mani , the broken nail was easily repaired and being in the Halloween mood , I decided to do a Halloween Mani . I bought this amazing orange color at Walgreens for $1.00.

I used Sinful nail colors in Courtney Orange . It's nice Orange and isn't shocking or electic , a nice fall color. I choose the skulls from IM plat M13 and the spider from IM plate M1.

I even did my toes to match . I love my Konad stamps !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Rose with red polish Halloween Mani

My new mani for the week . Saturdy I have my entire family doing the Diabetes Walk at Knotts Berry Farm this Saturday.
My Father is a type 1 diabetic and my husband is a type two diabetic . I am hoping that the walk with educate both the men in my life . We are going to be walking 3 miles .
After the walk , My husband , myself , my best friend and our Friend's son are going to go shooting . It's going to be a busy weekend !!
I did a red manicure to represent the diabetes walk , they call people who walk that have diabetes "red Striders" So I choose the color for them . I choose a black rose because it's Halloween time !!! My first halloween manicure . I can't wait to do more . I got an amazing oranage color I can't wait to use.