Friday, October 22, 2010

Hallowen #3 new nails

New Halloween nails !
I didn't like the nails I had before so I did a whole new set .... I even did new tips. These are clear gel builder Overlay , over medium nail tips
I painted them black to go with my Halloween costume I am going to be a Witch. When get closer to Halloween I think I am going to add some silver stars to match the sleeves on my costume .
I think I could really use some pointers on filing near the cuticle and doing a more neater paint job . However I kind of like these I did them longer than I usually do . I guess you could call these Halloween Talons lol.


  1. Silver stars would look great on your nails. I saw on another blog that there's a witch on the Bundle Monster plates. That would be another cool design.

  2. I think you do a really great job with your acrylics!

  3. I meant to ask, do you have to soak off gel nails with acetone? Acetone is very drying to the skin and nails.I was just wondering,and still trying to decide wether to go with gels or go au naturale with my nails.