Sunday, December 26, 2010

New years nails

All I would like is to have normal perfect nails again . Seems I have been doing my nails every week , instead of every two weeks which is normal for fills with artificial nails .
I know people say it's easy to regrow your nails after acrylic damage , but my nails seem to be beyond repairable . I can not go a day , a week or a month without doing my nails . My nails actually need the protection that an overlay of gel or acrylic gives .
Since I have been doing the gel nails I have noticed some growth in my nail plate. The problem I have is that my nails lift , and than water gets in them and they get mold , gross !!! How can I fix this problem ?
Doing my nails is no longer fun , it has now become more of a chore for me , almost a necessity in my life . I have been finding that I spend more that 4hrs a week doing my nails . Usually by the end of the weeks my nails have , either lifted or broke . I also notice that my filing job is not that great either, I need help with applying the overlay , shaping and filing . I usually find more imperfections a day after I have completed a new mani. Don't be surprise if by Friday I have a new manicure .
As you can tell this is a new set and I did them a little bit shorter than normal , it makes it a lot easier to type and use my new G2 phone that my hubby got me for Christmas . Any who my husband and I made Christmas dinner and I notice my nail on my index finger was lifting and than I noticed that two other nails were lifting . I manged to glue them , but it didn't work, with unwrapping presents , and cleaning dishes after our meal ,they lifted even more , until once just came right off .
To make things worse I bit off all the nails and they came off so easy , I was very disappointed . However I could tell that a new set was needed . While prepping my hands for my new manicure I did notice some growth , but I also noticed that some nails are getting thin . I just want to do them right for once, I want them to look neat and pretty like every one's nails on the blogs that I follow .
I know I maybe , being hard on myself , but for this mani I did purple nails , ( my son picked out the color) with glitter polish on the tips and stamped each nail with Konad special polish in Silver Image plate design with the wine glass . The sparkle on the tip is so pretty in light .
I hope everyone had a a great Christmas ! Best wishes in the new year .

Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Cane Nails

Another new Christmas manicure hopefully I don't change it for a while . I really like it .
Almost all done with my Christmas shopping , just one more present to get for my adorable lil Niece !
For this Mani I used China Glaze Red Pearl with Konad special polish in white , and the candy cane design on Image plate 12 .

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas nails

Here are some christmas manicure that I did . I am currently wearing the red nails right now . Kept it simple for work.
Been so busy with work and Christmas and my hubby's birthday . Show me your christmas manis .

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chrismas manicure 1

We had a great Thanksgiving , lots of food and spent it with family and friends . Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.
I broke two nails and had to fix them so I ended up painting my nails a new color. I choose Wined up by Sally Hansen ,I think this is such a pretty color . I topped off the tips with kondad special polish in silver and the flower design from IM plate M25 . Kind of reminds me of Pointsettas .
As you can see I'm having trouble getting good pictures . I used to use my camera from my cell phone and just recently started using my camera instead . I can't get any good pictures though !!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving nails , brown with yellow sunflower .

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner, I have yet to do my shopping for our dinner this year. Work has been extremely busy , I have been working over time every week and also on Saturdays . I have also come down with a horrible cold this week .
Majority of my free time this weekend has been spent lying in bed and drinking hot tea.... Even though I have been so busy and sick , I still manage to do my nails.
I choose to keep the design simple and just put a stamp on one nail, I also did my toes to match. I picked the sunflower because I made a sunflower reef with a huge brown bow. That inspired the sunflower . Low and behold Konad has a cute one on Image plate M8 . For the nail color I used Mochachino and for the stamping I used Konad special polish in Yellow .
Awesome news I teamed up with my husband's friend , (now my friend) Laurie and were going to be hosting another ladies party in Long Beach. This time it's going to be on a Saturday in the day time. I can't wait to get this product out there again and see what fun designs other people make .

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Had to shorten the talons !!!

I had to shorten my long talons , I liked having them long for a while , but after a while I could not get used to typing with them as long as they were .
So I shortened my nails , I also tried something new , I noticed that when I filed my nails in the past after applying my gel overlay that I would take some of the strength away . I also noticed that the gel levels on it's own.
I did another layer but this time I did not file them . I evenly spread the gel like polish almost , cured them for three minutes , wiped off the tacky layer, when I did this the nails were nice and smooth so no reason for filing . I simply buffed them , than added tea tree oil to my cuticles and than Painted them , Vacation time by Sinful nail color , and add a dark brown leaf from Konad IM Plate M20.
I even had time to do matching toes , since I didn't have to do much filing . The more practice the better it gets . I love my gel nails .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fill. Fall Nails brown leaves

I did a fill this week , could not believe not one nail broke !!!! I must have done something right he he he .
For this Manicure I used sinful colors hip hip , konad special polish in dark brown/burgundy color . I used the leaf design from image plate M 31.
How long did it take for you to learn how to use Konad? I have a client who brought a whole bunch of polishes from me and plates and she can't get the hang of using the stamp. She can now transfer the stamp to paper but can not transfer the image to her nail.
I did a small konad class at lunch for her , it was fun . I was wondering how long did it take other Konaders like myself . It took me about two days I think.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Added silver stars halloween #3

I added silver stars to my nails . I kind of like having them this long. So far have been lasting pretty good. Usually by now I would have done another layer of gel or would have broken one.
I think the utube videos I found have helped a lot. Perfect nails for my witch costume.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hallowen #3 new nails

New Halloween nails !
I didn't like the nails I had before so I did a whole new set .... I even did new tips. These are clear gel builder Overlay , over medium nail tips
I painted them black to go with my Halloween costume I am going to be a Witch. When get closer to Halloween I think I am going to add some silver stars to match the sleeves on my costume .
I think I could really use some pointers on filing near the cuticle and doing a more neater paint job . However I kind of like these I did them longer than I usually do . I guess you could call these Halloween Talons lol.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

black and orange pumpkins

We took the kids , little Richard and Miss Nat Nat to the church Festival and The Pumpkin Patch this weekend . Than Little Ricky and I did the CHOC Walk on Sunday at Disney Land.

I used IM plate M44 and M13 the Pumpkin Design!!! I still need to work on shaping of my nails.

I find that at times I don't use enough gel and the shapes often are off some are longer , some are shorter . The shapes are not very neat .

Know what they say practice makes perfect and I am constantly doing my nails . It's pretty much become an obsession almost . I do hope that once I get to where I should be that I won't be doing them as frequent and that I'll spend less time doing them . I am hoping to produced neater and cleaner nails .

Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween skulls and spiders !

Here is another manicure . I decorated my Yard Yesterday and one of my nails broke :( darn Yard work . I had bought some "Happy Halloween " stuff , but ended up doing the Yark in "Spooky Halloween".

I put up awsome tomb stones and skulls on my lawn and I have two scarey monsters. One is hanging in a tree and the other is sitting on my bench . I hope the kiddies don't get scared !

On to my Mani , the broken nail was easily repaired and being in the Halloween mood , I decided to do a Halloween Mani . I bought this amazing orange color at Walgreens for $1.00.

I used Sinful nail colors in Courtney Orange . It's nice Orange and isn't shocking or electic , a nice fall color. I choose the skulls from IM plat M13 and the spider from IM plate M1.

I even did my toes to match . I love my Konad stamps !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Rose with red polish Halloween Mani

My new mani for the week . Saturdy I have my entire family doing the Diabetes Walk at Knotts Berry Farm this Saturday.
My Father is a type 1 diabetic and my husband is a type two diabetic . I am hoping that the walk with educate both the men in my life . We are going to be walking 3 miles .
After the walk , My husband , myself , my best friend and our Friend's son are going to go shooting . It's going to be a busy weekend !!
I did a red manicure to represent the diabetes walk , they call people who walk that have diabetes "red Striders" So I choose the color for them . I choose a black rose because it's Halloween time !!! My first halloween manicure . I can't wait to do more . I got an amazing oranage color I can't wait to use.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pretty bows for a lil girl

Its a girl .

My very good friend Vanessa is having a baby girl . This Weekend is her baby shower . Seems we all have babies now ... She is the last of our circle .

First it was my best friend , than me than my twin sister and now her . I can't believe how much things have changed and how fast time goes .

I have the greatest times as a single girl with this girl and I know as mothers were all gonna have a blast . I can't wait for her baby shower this weekend and to meet her little girl.

Of course I had to do a manicure for the festivities !! I used finger paints nail color in pen and ink pink and Konad special polish in white with image M 56. Still using the IBD gels , they are awsome .
I changed the picture ,the previous picture I messed up my nails and used the wrong gel , because of this they were weak and broke so easily. How did I find out I used the wrong gel. Well I thought maybe I did something wrong so I looked up a vedio on how to do gel nails step my step.
The directions state to use builder gel , I looked and seen that I have two clear gels , One is clear gel and the other is clear builder gel. I also learned how to do them and not touch the cuticles , which is a reason why they were lifting so much . So far they have been standing up really nicely , I think I need more practice on my filing techique , I do have an electric drill but read that used a 180 grit file is better . I still love my gel nails !!! Utube rocks big time and IBD gel is a great product .

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall nails and my new tattoo .

I did a new manicure , IDB gel nails , I still need to perfect my filing and get my applying technique down .

For this Manicure I decided to use a nice brown color for fall. I used Cocoa Crisp Sally Hansen Instra Dry , and Konad special polish in a dark brown with Image plate M2.

My first Tattoo!

Today the family and I went to our local tattoo parlor in Long Beach Ca, to get my first tattoo.

The hubby and I have been talking about me getting tattoo. This week we celebrated our third wedding aniversay and decided to celebrate by getting Tattoos . He already has two . He he he now were even !

Getting a tatto was quite an experience , yes it hurt !!! But it was well worth it , and the place where I got my tattoo made it an awsome experience . I got tattooed in one of the oldest tattoo Parlors in Long Beach ca, . It came out better than I could imagine .

I added a better pic of my nails !

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Espresso with Silver Flowers M 4

I did a new set of nails ,I had a set back with gels for while , but I am slowly getting a hang of them . I need to learn how to not be gel shy ,,, I need to put more than one got on . Some thing I have learned from trial and error .
For this Manicure I used Sally Hansen espresso with Konad special polish in silver with the cute delicate flower image on Plate M4.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Racer

Go speed racer he he he. My adorable little boy is going to be turning 2 soon . We are having a small pool party for him at a friends house.
His theme is going to be cars , I decided to do a red mani with Racing checks tips ...What do you think .
I did fills to my IBD gel nails and painted them China Glaze Pearl Red , I used Konad special polish in black pearl.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a boy , blue poka dots

First the bad news . I am not having a boy , I am no longer pregnant . Last Sunday I suffered a miscarriage :( It has been pretty hard getting over this .
My family and friends have been here for me so much and have been so supportive and understanding . Especially my husband.
went to my cousins baby shower today , she is having a boy . I decided to do a blue manicure with white polka dots . My nails caught peoples attention and I sold a small kit !!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hip Hip

I did a new manicure and put on new nails . I did them a little longer this time. Yes they are the IBD gel nails. I love gel nails so much .
For this manicure I used Sinful collections in Hip Hip and IM P design 08 with Konad Special Polish in dark brown . Tomorrow I have another nail Party and my friends Boutique . Lauries Little Secrect in Long Beach , If you live in Long Beach Ca, come on by and check us out :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blue nails

I did a nice light blue and dark blue manicure . Reminds me of a swiming pool .
I have to stay on bed rest and stay relaxed . I have had some complications with my pregnancy this week. Wednesday night I started spotting and than on Thursday I got these awful cramps!!
My doctor had me take a test and do an ultra sound , so far everything is fine. I just have to stay on bed rest and relax no work as of yet , waiting until Tuesday for my next doctors appointment and hopefully find out what caused this and what lies in store further .
For this manicure I used Salley Hensen blue streak and konad special polish is dark blue with one of the new plates M80.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red with black flower M35

I painted my nails a new color, I have a wedding this weekend and I am wearing a black dress with red flowers and beads .
I got some really cute black silk shoes to wear with it . I had to do a matching manicure :)
My painting is not that great , I need some practice as you have seen .
For this Mani I used a Salley Hensen Salon polish in Hollywood Scarlett and I used Image Plate M 35 flower design .
I only did one nail this time to keep the nails simple for the wedding . I am so excited cause we all get to get away for the weekend and go to San Diego !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm back to stamping ... new gel nails

My new gel nails that I did my self . I am totally in love with the gel nail system that I bought so far .

The nails were so easy to do and yes they have the strength of acrylics and they were easy to mold , unlike the old light less gel system that I used to use.

It's almost like using acrylics , but it's a gel you can use the gel to build up nails but you don't have to deal with the liquid and the powder and trying to get the correct ratio and having to deal with fumes . Gels are orderless the only down side would be that you need a UV light .

You can do the process over natural nails or tips and you can also sculpt a nail like with acrylics . I applied tips and buffed them , I put a bonder on the nails cure under the UV light for a minute. I applied a thin layer of builder gel to my nails cured them again for 1 minute.

I put the tip of my gel brush in the gel and lifted it , When the brush is lifted there is a string of gel that follows . I put that on the stress area of the nail and build up the nail, the gel levels on it's own. I cured the nails for 3 minutes . Than I cleaned each nail with the cleanser and buffed them a little and tada they were finished.

I painted them with finger paints nail polish in Pink ink , and used kondad image 61 with konad special polish . I chose this design as a tribute to my new niece who graced us with her presence yesterday afternoon ! She is so cute and reminds me of a little flower !

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gel nails

I purchase this kit and a UV light , I have yet to attempt to do them though . I am going to let them grow out a lil more , and than try them with natural tips . I need to find time to do them as well I've been tired and busy.
I truely miss konading my nails and as a result of not doing my nails , my nail stamping business has not been happening. I have been reading the instructions and watching tons of U tube videos . I really want to do this right . I hear these are pretty permanet and before attempting to do them , I want to make sure I do them right .
Any one out there do gel nails , any pointers ?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I took them off and I'm starting over again ...

I took off the artificial nails and began my regimen again. I wish I hadn't caved , but I'm going to try to get my nails back to a normal state and hopefully I won't have to continue doing them or attempt to get them done .... Wish me luck ...

Friday, July 2, 2010

I caved .

I have an extremely eventful weekend . Tomorrow I'm going to Glen Ivy a day spa! and decided to do my nails I did the quick dip acrylics , they came out okay. I had to use to French white tips and because my nail bed on the right hand have really flat nail beds and they look a lil bumpy. blah.

I painted them red and sadly I did not do konad stamp did not have time after spending a large amount of time on my nails ..... I know these are going to be coming off soon...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I miss my nails

I am so torn , I miss my nails so much I want to do them again. I miss painting them and doing the konad designs . The miracle nail gel that I am using flakes (cause new nail is growing) but I end up peeling my polish and fear I am further damaging my nails .

I just don't know what to do anymore. I am seriously thinking about taking at stab at traditional gel nails , I'm thinking about going out and getting a UV Lamp and gel builder and trying to do another set.

In my nail box , I have acrylic quick dip nails, Lightless gel nails , and nail wraps all were not strong enough . I did try to do traditional acrylic nails and was happy with the results ,but not happy with mixing of powder and liquid and the smell , my husband especially did not like it , I was band from doing them in the house and it's been cold outside .

I need something that I can create a artificial nail out of . Anyone do gels out there? any pointers? I am leaning towards gel nails because they are odor less ( me being pg and all) and I read that they help with nail growth. However I am really thinkig about this carefully it will cost me about $100 for the UV lamp and a kit with all the trimings .

Monday, June 28, 2010

About two weeks almost quit ....

It's been about two weeks and I see a lil bit of an improvement , I am so tempted to try and do my nails again . I have been researching how to do acrylic nails and researching which are better , acrylics , quick dip acrylics or gels . I know it takes a while for nails to grow back , from my research it's about six months . Although I am hoping that the nail magic and sally Hansen nail growth formula help speed this up a bit .

I also hope that the prenatal vitamins that I now have to take help too. Yup my fellow followers I'm pregnant !!! Just found out on Friday that I am about 5 weeks pregnant . I have to make my appointment to confirm it and start the process . I am excited !!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost one week

It's been almost a week, I just changed the polish last night and believe it or not I see an improvement , where there was once no nail a nail is starting to form . My nails are really starting to look better than before .

I think this time around may actually be successful.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gonna try one more time .

I was inspired once again by the progress of nail growth for a Polish problem . She was very helpful and directed me towards my favorite store Sally's Beauty Supply.
I checked on line first and after reading 36 positive reviews for this product I decided to give it a try . Lets see what happens !
It looks pink , but it goes on clear and forms a protective shield over your nails . I am way too ashamed to show you pics of my naked nails . I will describe them to you instead . My left hand is pretty much okay . My middle finer and pointed finger are missing half of it's nail only.... I have noticed some growth though. My right hand is the problem hand . All nails except my pinkie have no nail bed. There is a very very thin and flaky nail plate , not at all attractive .
I am really having a problem trying to do my nails and to have them look decent , and going to the salon is horrible for me ,,, I hate when they look at me and than have to converse to see if they can actually do my nails . I really hope this works and brings them back to life .

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Purple and Pink Mani .

My pink and purple Mani , in honor of my soon to be Niece Natalie . One more month and she'll be here, I am so excited to hold a lil baby again.
For this mani I used Finger paints nail polish in Pen and Ink Pink . I use Konad special polish in Purple. I am not too excited for this manicure though . I think I might change it for the shower.
I tried everything and I think I am just not good at doing my own nails , so I think I might be heading back to salon for a while . I won't stop konading though . But for putting the acrylic on my nails I think I am going to just get it done .
Doing them myself is a lot of work and takes up more time than me going to the salon .

Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue and silver french mani ...

I had to add blue tips , practicing with the M 19 Plate . I think I am getting a little bit better. I am totally loving my gel nails , so far so good .
I know it's only been two days , but with the other nails I usually already have Problems and with light less gel no problems at all. The nails came out smooth and neat ... Have a Great Memorial Day Everyone !

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial day designs .

I have two designs for you today . The nails on the right are quick dip acrylic and the nails on the left are ASP light less gel . I decided to do a Memorial day design . The design on the right did not come out like I had hoped it was kind of sloppy and I broke some nails :( ...Lately I have not been too impressed with Quick Dip Nails . So before deciding if I should just give up on trying to do my own nails I did some research and decided to try ASP light less gel nails . They were so easy and came out smooth , all I had to do was file them a lil and than buff them , they came super smooth , So far they seem to be working pretty well.
Hope you all have a Great memorial day !!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gold with purple flowers

I did a purple and gold mani for my Los Angeles Lakers !!! They have been doing pretty good.
For the base I used Salley hansen salon manicure in Guilty Pleasure and topped it off with a stamp from IP M31 in purple . Hope you like it , I'm a little late with the pics , this is after three days !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shooting star purple and silver.

Four of my nails broke , so I did four new nails and filled the others with my Acrylic dip system . I think they came out a lo better than the last set, as I said practice makes perfect. However they are not as perfect as I would like them to be.
So as some of you know I have become a distributor for Konad , and I had my first nail party this weekend , where I discovered how to use the sponge kit . The sponge kit is awesome creates an air brush look and it's so easy to use.
I decided to do a purple and silver mani , (gold wasn't showing up :( ) I use used Sally Hansen pronto purple and use Kondad Special polish in silver . I sponge silver on the tips and than stamped the star design from IP M33.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers day nails/french tip with flowers

I hope you all had a great Mother's day . Mine was very nice , left the husband at home and took my son , my Mom and my twin sister to Down Town Disney . We ate at the Rain forest cafe , which I was not too impressed with . I expected more out of Disney .....the atmosphere of the restaurant was Okay as well , the workers seemed bothered . The restaurant is beautifully decorated though , with huge fish tanks and huge fish ...My son love them . However he was not to fond of the fake animals and rain forest show they have every 20 minutes , the lights flicker on and off and they play the sound of thunder . My poor baby did not like it at all. We did have a great time walking around though .

Now on to my Mani . I did a french manicure with flowers , I used Konad special white polish for the stamps , I used M 19 (still need some practice) and M 36. For the base I used OPI for sephora , Non fat soy , half caff. I love using this color for the base for my french manicures it looks so natural . I did my own acrylics again , sorry there a bit messy , need more practice on that too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo !!! I did a new manicure and a new set of nails. I did my favorite Acrylic Dip nails again . I used a Pearl color from OPI , I think Pearls night out . I used red and green special polish with IP M 54.
Hope you like it , sorry it's not so neat ....I need some more practice.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lilac swirls with Rhinestones .

My new manicure for this week. I used OPI "do you Lilac it" I think that's what the color is called and Konad special polish in Purple. I can't remember what the IP is . I can't look for it at the moment ,Hubby has the lights off and is watching his show . He has been so helpful with the konad business , I have to be nice to him , he made me business cards and is "Pimping out the Konad products to everyone he meets ....

We are going camping this weekend , I can't wait!! Until next week .... Take it easy guys .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Jungle theme baby shower nails !!!

I did this mani for the baby shower that I am going to tomorrow. The couple does not want to know the sex of the baby until it arrives. There theme is jungle.

I chose to do a mani , I used Sally Hansen Presto Pink for the base and Konad Sp in light blue . I used Image Plate M 57. I even did my two big toes to match .

Thanks for stopping by !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rose a go go Mermaid

I did these nails for my sorority formal last night . I got fed up with my nails and the state they were in . In case you haven't notice the last couple of pics have been with glue on nails. I just was not liking the way they were looking . I caved and went to get them 'professionally done', I was not very impressed with the way my nails came out. I seriously think I do just as good a job when I do my "Quick Dip Acrylics " . So I think I will go back to that once these are in need for a fill or if one breaks . I have looked up a utube video on how to apply Quick Dip Acrylics , and I was doing them wrong . Once these nails give up I will be attempting the Quick Dip Acrylic nails.

As for the mani I used Sally Hensen Rose a go go and Konad sp in white with IP M 34. I choose the Mermaid because that is my Sororities mascot. I love my college years and it was partly because of my sorority . It was so great to see all of my sisters and hear about their families and lives .

News , I am having a private Nail party at Lauries little secret , a fabulous lil dress shop in the city of Lakewood CA . If you would like to attend drop me an email .

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zebra nails for vegas vacation.

What do you think of my wild zebra nails ? what other design would be perfect for a trip to Vegas !
I used OPI Pearls night out , special black polish and IP M 57 zebra pattern. I received all my product and now I can get ready to start selling !!! I am so excited . If you live in the Long Beach Area come visit me . I'll be posting my location soon .
Thanks for looking !

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Nails .

Easter is this Sunday , I can't believe it . I decided to do a lavender manicure . Lavender is such a nice spring color .

For this mani I use OPI Done out in deco and Konad White special and I used IP M 60. I think this Image plate screams Easter don't you ?

This was my first time using this plate , the design didn't come perfect but I'm still learning . I just purchase all of my product today . I am so excited !!! Soon I will post where I will be selling .

Friday, March 26, 2010

hoe down nails !! Yee haw !

Yee haw ... My lil guy and I are invited to a 1st birthday tomorrow and the theme is Barn Yard . Theres going to be a petting zoo , and pony rides !! Can't wait to see my lil enjoy it . Plus he'll get to be around kids his age .

I just had to do a theme manicure . I used Salley Hansen Insta dry nail polish in Rapid Red for the tips . I used IP M19 again and doubled it . ,I used my favorite base color Sephora for OPI Non Fat Soy half caff. I used Orly french tips . Rapid Red for the tips and the flowers IP M3 and Orly french tips for one of the flowers in IP M3 and topped off the red tips with French tip plate M56.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hot pink daisey french manicure

I seem to be into the color pink these days ! Pink seems to be a spring color to me . I did my Mom's nails last night and I decided to use the dreaded M 19 french manicure plate , her nails came out very nice , the design came out straight on her nails .
So I thought hmmmm if I could do hers , I wonder if I can do mine . I tried it out and it worked . I did two strips to make the french manicure thicker . What do you think? It was a lot easier than painting the tip , getting a brush dipped in polish remover and making the smile line. It didn't come out to straight , but you can hardly tell.
For the colors I used my new favorite , sephora OPI polish , Non Fat Soy Half Caff and for the tips I used Salley Hansen Insta dry polish in Rose Riot . I used IP M 19 for the french tip and IP M 32 for the daiseys.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring nails and News !!!

I did a new manicure for spring , I had to keep it conservative we have visitors at work . This weekend I took a trip to the mall, I got a new polish from Sephora . Apparently OPI makes nail polish for Sephora. I used Sephora by OPI in Non Fat soy Half caff and for the stamp I used French tip Orly . I used Image plate M 56 and for the butterflies I used Image plate M 78.

Now for my news , I love konad so much , and I just got approved to become a distributor. I will not be doing online sales . I will be selling in the LBC , Long Beach at one of our local crafts fairs . If you live in the Long Beach area come by and see me !! I will post the location soon. Right now I am working on getting my inventory together . You can help me by letting me know what is your favorite Image Plate ? Don't forget you can order online from Kathleen at OC nail art and You can stop by Konadidicts salon in the OC as well. Happy Sping and Happy Stamping !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traditional acrylics

So quick post, I decided to break down and do traditional acrylics , instead of these kits that sound simple but end up as a waste of money. So decided to stick with asp products , and learned how to do Traditional acrylics . I noticed that the traditional acrylics are lasting a bit longer.

I did traditional acrylic on two fingers , two acrylic dip nails broke , so I redid them. They have lasted longer than the acrylic dip nails . I still have some more practice do before they are perfect , but am hoping to be doing my nails less , my husband hates that I practically do them every week . I always end up breaking one or two or they start to peal . So I have to practice doing acrylics and getting my nail art to look a lil bit more neater. I am so glad that we have all the wonderful nail polish and nail art blogs !!! Thanks girls .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St pattys day #2 Gold coins or floating beer bubbles !

Another St Patricks day Konadicure. I used Salley hansen Jumpin Jade for the base and for the stamp I use Salley Hansen Gilty Pleasure , I used IP M60. The dots remind me of gold coins , the ones that are good luck on St Patty's day or of carbination bubbles you see in your beer glass which is a famous drink for St Patrick's day.
I would also like to mention the contest that Painted lady fingers is having on her blog . Check out her blog for some inspirational nail designs and to enter the contest !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

St Patricks Days nails !!

I am starting St Patricks day early .
This design reminds me of a good luck charm.
I used Sally Hensan Jumpin Jade , for the base I used hevenly from China Glaze and than I used Sally Hensan Lime light over the design ,,, You can see a really good green glow to the nails . I used IP M 63.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its a girl !!!!

It's a girl .... My twin sister is 5 months pregnant and we just found out that she is having a girl , of course I had to do a pink mani ... saddly I didn't use my new konad Im plate .... I did do a new konadicure in honor of my new niece !!! I can't wait for her to get here .
On to the mani , I used Sally Henson Insta Dri Presto Pink for the tips ... I free hand the tips !! I was lil impressed with myself . I used IP M 20 with OPI French tip White . I used Spun Sugar for the base Insta Pro nail polish from Sally Beauty supply.