Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pretty bows for a lil girl

Its a girl .

My very good friend Vanessa is having a baby girl . This Weekend is her baby shower . Seems we all have babies now ... She is the last of our circle .

First it was my best friend , than me than my twin sister and now her . I can't believe how much things have changed and how fast time goes .

I have the greatest times as a single girl with this girl and I know as mothers were all gonna have a blast . I can't wait for her baby shower this weekend and to meet her little girl.

Of course I had to do a manicure for the festivities !! I used finger paints nail color in pen and ink pink and Konad special polish in white with image M 56. Still using the IBD gels , they are awsome .
I changed the picture ,the previous picture I messed up my nails and used the wrong gel , because of this they were weak and broke so easily. How did I find out I used the wrong gel. Well I thought maybe I did something wrong so I looked up a vedio on how to do gel nails step my step.
The directions state to use builder gel , I looked and seen that I have two clear gels , One is clear gel and the other is clear builder gel. I also learned how to do them and not touch the cuticles , which is a reason why they were lifting so much . So far they have been standing up really nicely , I think I need more practice on my filing techique , I do have an electric drill but read that used a 180 grit file is better . I still love my gel nails !!! Utube rocks big time and IBD gel is a great product .

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