Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black and White Pumpkins !!!

I joined pumpkin carving contest at work and will be taking my lil buddy (my son) to the pumpkin patch this weekend . I found it fitting to do my nails with pumpkins !!
I painted the base black and used OPI French manicure white to do the pumpkins and french tips . I thought they look like fences . I used my new Konad plate M13 (Halloween designs) that I ordered from OC Nail art last week .

Me and the boquet I made ...I 'm so proud .

Here is a pic of me and the bouquet that i made for my sisters wedding this Saturday . I made the bouquet to give to the Virgin Mary . My sister had a traditional Catholic wedding . I was so proud of my creation that I had to post a pic of it . We ended up using my lovely bouquet in her before pics for the wedding .
My flower teacher would be so proud ....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Final wedding set

I decided to keep things simple and do a Pearl nail with purple rose tips ....( I can't paint my nails without doing a konad design) The purple tips were pretty but when I put them next to my bridesmaid dress they disappeared . So I decided to do a pearl color , since were all wearing pearls for our jewlery , it's the one thing my sister insisted that all the bridesmaids wear for the wedding . She got us these really cute pearl and rinestone braclettes to wear . So thats were the idea for pearl came in . I used OPI nail lacqure in "Pearls night out " for the base color , I did two coats of polish . I was inspired by my sister's wedding them for the tips ' Antique and Roses' She is wearing this really pretty vintage inspired wedding dress , and her flowers are all purple and white roses . For the tips I used Image plate M65 with Nina Ultra pro nail lacqure in "Purple Pizzaz" . What do you think?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My konad Frame

Check out my Konad Frame . I brought the frame for $0.99 from my favorite place in the world Target , I'm there like every week . I made this frame for my co worker she loves zebra print . So I put the stamps to the test and ta da instant personalized frame !!! What do you think ? Konad isn't just to make beautiful nails but you can embelish anthing with a smooth surface. I used Kondad special white polish for the stamp .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

wedding manicure two

I did ffills and of course ended up doning anew manicure. I used a deep purple and did a french manicure and the same roses as last weeks manicure. The color I used was purp;e haze from Nina nail pro.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Purple Tips and roses

My sister is getting married and I am in the wedding I am going to obviously do my own nails , now that I know how and now that I have Konad . I tried out this look . I did purple tips I used Nina Ultra Pro nail polish in Last Call for the tips. I painted the nail half way and took a q tip dipped in nail polish remover and made the smile lines . I painted the inside of the nail with Nina Nail Pro Nail polish in spun sugar with Orly natural for french manicure over it to give the nail a pink tint . I used Nina Pro Ultra nail polish last call ( same color for the tips) for the roses that I stamped on my nail. I used Image plate M25 for the image of the rose . I took the pic with my G phone in my car . The quick dip acrylic method is working pretty well. I think I still need more practice . So what do you think guys ?