Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chrismas manicure 1

We had a great Thanksgiving , lots of food and spent it with family and friends . Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.
I broke two nails and had to fix them so I ended up painting my nails a new color. I choose Wined up by Sally Hansen ,I think this is such a pretty color . I topped off the tips with kondad special polish in silver and the flower design from IM plate M25 . Kind of reminds me of Pointsettas .
As you can see I'm having trouble getting good pictures . I used to use my camera from my cell phone and just recently started using my camera instead . I can't get any good pictures though !!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving nails , brown with yellow sunflower .

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner, I have yet to do my shopping for our dinner this year. Work has been extremely busy , I have been working over time every week and also on Saturdays . I have also come down with a horrible cold this week .
Majority of my free time this weekend has been spent lying in bed and drinking hot tea.... Even though I have been so busy and sick , I still manage to do my nails.
I choose to keep the design simple and just put a stamp on one nail, I also did my toes to match. I picked the sunflower because I made a sunflower reef with a huge brown bow. That inspired the sunflower . Low and behold Konad has a cute one on Image plate M8 . For the nail color I used Mochachino and for the stamping I used Konad special polish in Yellow .
Awesome news I teamed up with my husband's friend , (now my friend) Laurie and were going to be hosting another ladies party in Long Beach. This time it's going to be on a Saturday in the day time. I can't wait to get this product out there again and see what fun designs other people make .

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Had to shorten the talons !!!

I had to shorten my long talons , I liked having them long for a while , but after a while I could not get used to typing with them as long as they were .
So I shortened my nails , I also tried something new , I noticed that when I filed my nails in the past after applying my gel overlay that I would take some of the strength away . I also noticed that the gel levels on it's own.
I did another layer but this time I did not file them . I evenly spread the gel like polish almost , cured them for three minutes , wiped off the tacky layer, when I did this the nails were nice and smooth so no reason for filing . I simply buffed them , than added tea tree oil to my cuticles and than Painted them , Vacation time by Sinful nail color , and add a dark brown leaf from Konad IM Plate M20.
I even had time to do matching toes , since I didn't have to do much filing . The more practice the better it gets . I love my gel nails .

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fill. Fall Nails brown leaves

I did a fill this week , could not believe not one nail broke !!!! I must have done something right he he he .
For this Manicure I used sinful colors hip hip , konad special polish in dark brown/burgundy color . I used the leaf design from image plate M 31.
How long did it take for you to learn how to use Konad? I have a client who brought a whole bunch of polishes from me and plates and she can't get the hang of using the stamp. She can now transfer the stamp to paper but can not transfer the image to her nail.
I did a small konad class at lunch for her , it was fun . I was wondering how long did it take other Konaders like myself . It took me about two days I think.