Saturday, November 6, 2010

Had to shorten the talons !!!

I had to shorten my long talons , I liked having them long for a while , but after a while I could not get used to typing with them as long as they were .
So I shortened my nails , I also tried something new , I noticed that when I filed my nails in the past after applying my gel overlay that I would take some of the strength away . I also noticed that the gel levels on it's own.
I did another layer but this time I did not file them . I evenly spread the gel like polish almost , cured them for three minutes , wiped off the tacky layer, when I did this the nails were nice and smooth so no reason for filing . I simply buffed them , than added tea tree oil to my cuticles and than Painted them , Vacation time by Sinful nail color , and add a dark brown leaf from Konad IM Plate M20.
I even had time to do matching toes , since I didn't have to do much filing . The more practice the better it gets . I love my gel nails .

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