Monday, October 10, 2011

1st step to fixing this problem.

So though the nails I had on looked nice , they too started lifting on my right hand . My had is a real mess my nails are very very brittle and thin , there is basically no nails on this hand . My quick fix to this problem has been trying to do acrylics , gels and glue ons .

I went to the doctors about two year ago and seen my PCP , I was on an HMO than and my PCP basically told me there is nothing they can do . So with that I went on trying to do my nails with artifical nails.

Now that I have a new medical group and a PPO I am able to go to a dermatologist and try and get this pressing problem solved. My nails have become an obsession and are making me depressed and angry. I can wait to see what the Dermatologist says ! Wish me luck . I hope I can get my nails to grow back , so that I can paint them and do my designs .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Orange french tips with a Spider .

The nails I did , did not last very long , :( , I was really hoping for them to be better. However I read on line about something called "Virtual Nails" they are supposedly a Fancy glue on nail. The closes thing I could think of that would be fast to do. Since I can't get out to a Salon right now , I decided to try out these nails that I bought while back . They are thin and comfortable and I have also read some pretty instresting reviews about them. They are kiss Custom fit nails .

They are all done in French Manicure , but I just painted over them in Orange and added they black Konad spider stamp for Halloween. These were really easy to apply and so far no one can tell the difference !

So my secret is out , I think I'll be using these for a while , we'll see how they work out .

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spidars !

My first manicure since I had my son. My son was born on September 1st and I have been pretty busy . Having a toddler and a new born is not easy!!! Things are getting back to normal and I had some time so I did my nails !

I think the design on the lower part of my nail M 45 looks like a spider web , My first mani for Halloween hope you like it .

I honestly think that I am going to stick with sculpting my nails , it takes a little longer but the nails look better and last longer to me.