Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Nails .

Easter is this Sunday , I can't believe it . I decided to do a lavender manicure . Lavender is such a nice spring color .

For this mani I use OPI Done out in deco and Konad White special and I used IP M 60. I think this Image plate screams Easter don't you ?

This was my first time using this plate , the design didn't come perfect but I'm still learning . I just purchase all of my product today . I am so excited !!! Soon I will post where I will be selling .

Friday, March 26, 2010

hoe down nails !! Yee haw !

Yee haw ... My lil guy and I are invited to a 1st birthday tomorrow and the theme is Barn Yard . Theres going to be a petting zoo , and pony rides !! Can't wait to see my lil enjoy it . Plus he'll get to be around kids his age .

I just had to do a theme manicure . I used Salley Hansen Insta dry nail polish in Rapid Red for the tips . I used IP M19 again and doubled it . ,I used my favorite base color Sephora for OPI Non Fat Soy half caff. I used Orly french tips . Rapid Red for the tips and the flowers IP M3 and Orly french tips for one of the flowers in IP M3 and topped off the red tips with French tip plate M56.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hot pink daisey french manicure

I seem to be into the color pink these days ! Pink seems to be a spring color to me . I did my Mom's nails last night and I decided to use the dreaded M 19 french manicure plate , her nails came out very nice , the design came out straight on her nails .
So I thought hmmmm if I could do hers , I wonder if I can do mine . I tried it out and it worked . I did two strips to make the french manicure thicker . What do you think? It was a lot easier than painting the tip , getting a brush dipped in polish remover and making the smile line. It didn't come out to straight , but you can hardly tell.
For the colors I used my new favorite , sephora OPI polish , Non Fat Soy Half Caff and for the tips I used Salley Hansen Insta dry polish in Rose Riot . I used IP M 19 for the french tip and IP M 32 for the daiseys.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring nails and News !!!

I did a new manicure for spring , I had to keep it conservative we have visitors at work . This weekend I took a trip to the mall, I got a new polish from Sephora . Apparently OPI makes nail polish for Sephora. I used Sephora by OPI in Non Fat soy Half caff and for the stamp I used French tip Orly . I used Image plate M 56 and for the butterflies I used Image plate M 78.

Now for my news , I love konad so much , and I just got approved to become a distributor. I will not be doing online sales . I will be selling in the LBC , Long Beach at one of our local crafts fairs . If you live in the Long Beach area come by and see me !! I will post the location soon. Right now I am working on getting my inventory together . You can help me by letting me know what is your favorite Image Plate ? Don't forget you can order online from Kathleen at OC nail art and You can stop by Konadidicts salon in the OC as well. Happy Sping and Happy Stamping !!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traditional acrylics

So quick post, I decided to break down and do traditional acrylics , instead of these kits that sound simple but end up as a waste of money. So decided to stick with asp products , and learned how to do Traditional acrylics . I noticed that the traditional acrylics are lasting a bit longer.

I did traditional acrylic on two fingers , two acrylic dip nails broke , so I redid them. They have lasted longer than the acrylic dip nails . I still have some more practice do before they are perfect , but am hoping to be doing my nails less , my husband hates that I practically do them every week . I always end up breaking one or two or they start to peal . So I have to practice doing acrylics and getting my nail art to look a lil bit more neater. I am so glad that we have all the wonderful nail polish and nail art blogs !!! Thanks girls .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St pattys day #2 Gold coins or floating beer bubbles !

Another St Patricks day Konadicure. I used Salley hansen Jumpin Jade for the base and for the stamp I use Salley Hansen Gilty Pleasure , I used IP M60. The dots remind me of gold coins , the ones that are good luck on St Patty's day or of carbination bubbles you see in your beer glass which is a famous drink for St Patrick's day.
I would also like to mention the contest that Painted lady fingers is having on her blog . Check out her blog for some inspirational nail designs and to enter the contest !!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

St Patricks Days nails !!

I am starting St Patricks day early .
This design reminds me of a good luck charm.
I used Sally Hensan Jumpin Jade , for the base I used hevenly from China Glaze and than I used Sally Hensan Lime light over the design ,,, You can see a really good green glow to the nails . I used IP M 63.