Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traditional acrylics

So quick post, I decided to break down and do traditional acrylics , instead of these kits that sound simple but end up as a waste of money. So decided to stick with asp products , and learned how to do Traditional acrylics . I noticed that the traditional acrylics are lasting a bit longer.

I did traditional acrylic on two fingers , two acrylic dip nails broke , so I redid them. They have lasted longer than the acrylic dip nails . I still have some more practice do before they are perfect , but am hoping to be doing my nails less , my husband hates that I practically do them every week . I always end up breaking one or two or they start to peal . So I have to practice doing acrylics and getting my nail art to look a lil bit more neater. I am so glad that we have all the wonderful nail polish and nail art blogs !!! Thanks girls .

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