Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Manicure .

I attempted to do another manicure . My red nails were lovely ,non lifted or broke or anything . Only had one problem on two of my nails the gel did not attach and so I ended up picking at them and than ended up just taking them off.

I decided not to give up though and gave it another try . I bought some new tips , applied them like normal . Than took the dual forms and fit them to my nails . I took the dual form put a light coat of gel and cured it for 1 minute with my natural nail with bonder.

I filled the dual form with gel , I did two coats of gel in the form , put it on my finger and cured it for 3 minutes . After 3 minutes I took off the form and shaped my nail . I really love these forms because all you have to do is remove the form , you don't need to file the nail at all , only the sides .

A perfect smooth nail comes out all the time . I painted my nails a nude color and than attempted a double color stamp using Konad special purple and green polish with Image Plate M54. A lovely spring mani .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New nails with dual nail forms

I had my 20 year celebration with my sorority last night . Of course I had to do my nails , my nails did grow back some , but because of the damage to them they grew back a little deformed. What a great chance to use my new dual nails form ,purchased from Ebay for $6.00.

The nail forms look like regular nail tips but have tabs on both sides and are really flexible and rubbery. The were very simple to use, you can use nail tips or just the form . I had to end up using tips , it is going to take while for me to learn to use the right amount of gel to get strong tips.

What I did was applied clear tips , filed them , added my bonder and than applied a thin coat of gel to the nail form. I cured both by nail with the bonder and the nail form for one minute . Than I applied a good amont of gel to the nail form. I put the form on my nail , held down my nail and cured it for 3 minutes . I made sure to whip away a gel the seeped out the sides .

Once the cure was done ,I took off the form and a perfectly smooth shinny nail. I didn't even have to whip my nail clean with my cleaner. I than painted my nails red pearl by China Glaze and stamped them with Kondad black polish IM 53.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I took them off .

The nails that I did needed to be filled but I got so busy and had no time to fill them . The gel ended up lifting up , well I picked at them and ended up taking the gel off of my nails. I have been thinking about trying to sculpture them but I'm not too sure. The gel that I had put on my nails did not come off , until I picked it off . If I had not picked at my nails I would probably have the nails on still. I have come to realize that just the gel sticks really good . I really want to try to sculpture a small tip on them , but I know it will take a good couple of hours to do them . Of course I have been going on Utube and finding videos about sculpting nails . In the midst of my research , I came across some thing called "Popits" " dual nail forms on the Coolnail art website. I googled them and I read about them watched tons of videos and confirmed that you can use gel with them . How exciting . I went on ebay and bought a set , they were only $6.00 . I can't wait to try them.