Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I took them off .

The nails that I did needed to be filled but I got so busy and had no time to fill them . The gel ended up lifting up , well I picked at them and ended up taking the gel off of my nails. I have been thinking about trying to sculpture them but I'm not too sure. The gel that I had put on my nails did not come off , until I picked it off . If I had not picked at my nails I would probably have the nails on still. I have come to realize that just the gel sticks really good . I really want to try to sculpture a small tip on them , but I know it will take a good couple of hours to do them . Of course I have been going on Utube and finding videos about sculpting nails . In the midst of my research , I came across some thing called "Popits" " dual nail forms on the Coolnail art website. I googled them and I read about them watched tons of videos and confirmed that you can use gel with them . How exciting . I went on ebay and bought a set , they were only $6.00 . I can't wait to try them.

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