Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Manicure .

I attempted to do another manicure . My red nails were lovely ,non lifted or broke or anything . Only had one problem on two of my nails the gel did not attach and so I ended up picking at them and than ended up just taking them off.

I decided not to give up though and gave it another try . I bought some new tips , applied them like normal . Than took the dual forms and fit them to my nails . I took the dual form put a light coat of gel and cured it for 1 minute with my natural nail with bonder.

I filled the dual form with gel , I did two coats of gel in the form , put it on my finger and cured it for 3 minutes . After 3 minutes I took off the form and shaped my nail . I really love these forms because all you have to do is remove the form , you don't need to file the nail at all , only the sides .

A perfect smooth nail comes out all the time . I painted my nails a nude color and than attempted a double color stamp using Konad special purple and green polish with Image Plate M54. A lovely spring mani .

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