Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Rose with red polish Halloween Mani

My new mani for the week . Saturdy I have my entire family doing the Diabetes Walk at Knotts Berry Farm this Saturday.
My Father is a type 1 diabetic and my husband is a type two diabetic . I am hoping that the walk with educate both the men in my life . We are going to be walking 3 miles .
After the walk , My husband , myself , my best friend and our Friend's son are going to go shooting . It's going to be a busy weekend !!
I did a red manicure to represent the diabetes walk , they call people who walk that have diabetes "red Striders" So I choose the color for them . I choose a black rose because it's Halloween time !!! My first halloween manicure . I can't wait to do more . I got an amazing oranage color I can't wait to use.


  1. Hi Mary Ann! New follower. I like your gel nails.You did a great job. I want to learn how. I have read bad reviews about IBD gel nails,so I haven't bought it yet, but I need to give up the acrylics because they have been so harsh on my nail beds.

  2. The IBD gel nails are the only product that I have used so far. They level and are easy to file , infact I have not had to use an electric drill for them. I only use 180 grit file and than buff them.