Sunday, October 17, 2010

black and orange pumpkins

We took the kids , little Richard and Miss Nat Nat to the church Festival and The Pumpkin Patch this weekend . Than Little Ricky and I did the CHOC Walk on Sunday at Disney Land.

I used IM plate M44 and M13 the Pumpkin Design!!! I still need to work on shaping of my nails.

I find that at times I don't use enough gel and the shapes often are off some are longer , some are shorter . The shapes are not very neat .

Know what they say practice makes perfect and I am constantly doing my nails . It's pretty much become an obsession almost . I do hope that once I get to where I should be that I won't be doing them as frequent and that I'll spend less time doing them . I am hoping to produced neater and cleaner nails .


  1. I love the design you used. I did my acrylics last night.Most of the fills turned out great,except for one,which wound up with a big round blob on my index finger. I need to replace two or three nails now broken,but when I applied the glue from the directions in the package,the glue went all over the place,and I was stuck,literally stuck with the nails on the skin of both my hands. Sorry for the bla bla!

  2. Love your nail design! Cute with the pumpkin and the lattice design. The only way to get your nails looking good is to practice. I've never used gels or acrylics. You just have to go slowly on your filing and keep checking. It help me by putting my hand up to my makeup mirror. Since it's magnified I can see my nails much better than just looking at them myself. Also it's better to have your nails painted. I find if I file without polish my nails come out a bit crooked. Hope that helps a bit. I think your nails look fantastic.