Sunday, December 26, 2010

New years nails

All I would like is to have normal perfect nails again . Seems I have been doing my nails every week , instead of every two weeks which is normal for fills with artificial nails .
I know people say it's easy to regrow your nails after acrylic damage , but my nails seem to be beyond repairable . I can not go a day , a week or a month without doing my nails . My nails actually need the protection that an overlay of gel or acrylic gives .
Since I have been doing the gel nails I have noticed some growth in my nail plate. The problem I have is that my nails lift , and than water gets in them and they get mold , gross !!! How can I fix this problem ?
Doing my nails is no longer fun , it has now become more of a chore for me , almost a necessity in my life . I have been finding that I spend more that 4hrs a week doing my nails . Usually by the end of the weeks my nails have , either lifted or broke . I also notice that my filing job is not that great either, I need help with applying the overlay , shaping and filing . I usually find more imperfections a day after I have completed a new mani. Don't be surprise if by Friday I have a new manicure .
As you can tell this is a new set and I did them a little bit shorter than normal , it makes it a lot easier to type and use my new G2 phone that my hubby got me for Christmas . Any who my husband and I made Christmas dinner and I notice my nail on my index finger was lifting and than I noticed that two other nails were lifting . I manged to glue them , but it didn't work, with unwrapping presents , and cleaning dishes after our meal ,they lifted even more , until once just came right off .
To make things worse I bit off all the nails and they came off so easy , I was very disappointed . However I could tell that a new set was needed . While prepping my hands for my new manicure I did notice some growth , but I also noticed that some nails are getting thin . I just want to do them right for once, I want them to look neat and pretty like every one's nails on the blogs that I follow .
I know I maybe , being hard on myself , but for this mani I did purple nails , ( my son picked out the color) with glitter polish on the tips and stamped each nail with Konad special polish in Silver Image plate design with the wine glass . The sparkle on the tip is so pretty in light .
I hope everyone had a a great Christmas ! Best wishes in the new year .


  1. Hi. I do my nails with both gels and acrylics as well and I sometimes get fed up just like you are now. Thats when I just take everything off and put on a clear strengthener or very light overlay of gel and just leave 'em short. That's what I did to mine yesterday. I do have a couple of suggestions though. I suggest using only professional products. I use NSI and have no lifting with the gels. I did have a few break at the tip but that will happen with real nails too so I expect that. Also to reduce lifting...make absolutely positive that you have cleaned off any non-living tissue from the nail plate as well as any dust from filing and make sure you are curing them long enough under your lamp. Personally I find acrylics last longer and are harder then the gels but I am finding I like the gels because they aren't as thick and have some give or flexibility. Check out Young Nails and NSI videos on you tube. Or just do a search on "gel nail application" or acrylic nail application and you'll find loads of helpful vids. '
    I definitely can relate to getting fed up though. Nail enhancements can definitely be high maintenance.

  2. Transitions are such a challenge sometimes! Best wishes on figuring out which way your nails are happiest.