Sunday, June 6, 2010

Purple and Pink Mani .

My pink and purple Mani , in honor of my soon to be Niece Natalie . One more month and she'll be here, I am so excited to hold a lil baby again.
For this mani I used Finger paints nail polish in Pen and Ink Pink . I use Konad special polish in Purple. I am not too excited for this manicure though . I think I might change it for the shower.
I tried everything and I think I am just not good at doing my own nails , so I think I might be heading back to salon for a while . I won't stop konading though . But for putting the acrylic on my nails I think I am going to just get it done .
Doing them myself is a lot of work and takes up more time than me going to the salon .

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