Thursday, July 1, 2010

I miss my nails

I am so torn , I miss my nails so much I want to do them again. I miss painting them and doing the konad designs . The miracle nail gel that I am using flakes (cause new nail is growing) but I end up peeling my polish and fear I am further damaging my nails .

I just don't know what to do anymore. I am seriously thinking about taking at stab at traditional gel nails , I'm thinking about going out and getting a UV Lamp and gel builder and trying to do another set.

In my nail box , I have acrylic quick dip nails, Lightless gel nails , and nail wraps all were not strong enough . I did try to do traditional acrylic nails and was happy with the results ,but not happy with mixing of powder and liquid and the smell , my husband especially did not like it , I was band from doing them in the house and it's been cold outside .

I need something that I can create a artificial nail out of . Anyone do gels out there? any pointers? I am leaning towards gel nails because they are odor less ( me being pg and all) and I read that they help with nail growth. However I am really thinkig about this carefully it will cost me about $100 for the UV lamp and a kit with all the trimings .

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  1. I've never worn artificials. My nails were peeling bad until I got OPI Nail Envy. It took about a month but I have almost perfect nails now.