Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I took them off and I'm starting over again ...

I took off the artificial nails and began my regimen again. I wish I hadn't caved , but I'm going to try to get my nails back to a normal state and hopefully I won't have to continue doing them or attempt to get them done .... Wish me luck ...


  1. Good luck with this! I know A Polish Problem posts about how she went through growing her natural nails out post-acrylics

  2. Oh never mind, hahah I noticed that you referenced her in an earlier post, good luck nonetheless!

  3. Don't get discouraged. It will be about 2 months until your natural nails look good. I used to wear acrylics in high school and college non-stop for 8 years! Then I stopped as I ended getting a bad fungal nail infection. Took about 2 months of TLC, but worth the wait. I have been acrylic free for over 8 years now. Key is to moisture daily and use cuticle oil daily. (my secret weapon is Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle...apply every other day, remove once a week) Good Luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Hope you make it. :) I know you can.
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  5. Ow, I wish you all the luck on this planet! it'll be just fine, trust me ;)

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