Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm back to stamping ... new gel nails

My new gel nails that I did my self . I am totally in love with the gel nail system that I bought so far .

The nails were so easy to do and yes they have the strength of acrylics and they were easy to mold , unlike the old light less gel system that I used to use.

It's almost like using acrylics , but it's a gel you can use the gel to build up nails but you don't have to deal with the liquid and the powder and trying to get the correct ratio and having to deal with fumes . Gels are orderless the only down side would be that you need a UV light .

You can do the process over natural nails or tips and you can also sculpt a nail like with acrylics . I applied tips and buffed them , I put a bonder on the nails cure under the UV light for a minute. I applied a thin layer of builder gel to my nails cured them again for 1 minute.

I put the tip of my gel brush in the gel and lifted it , When the brush is lifted there is a string of gel that follows . I put that on the stress area of the nail and build up the nail, the gel levels on it's own. I cured the nails for 3 minutes . Than I cleaned each nail with the cleanser and buffed them a little and tada they were finished.

I painted them with finger paints nail polish in Pink ink , and used kondad image 61 with konad special polish . I chose this design as a tribute to my new niece who graced us with her presence yesterday afternoon ! She is so cute and reminds me of a little flower !

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