Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nail file 1

I called this nail file 1 because , this is my first entry for my nail blogg .

I have been doing my own nails for about 12 years . I have tried , acrylics , and gels and even wore full cover glue on nails. None really worked, most were too weak and too messy . Finally I think I have discovered two ways to get the results I would like.

I found this product called "Konad" on the intra net . it's a nail stamp. I purchase a kit and some design plates from ebay . When I first go the product it worked great. But after using it for a while the stamps were not working so I put everything away for a while. Recently my great neice came to visit me from canada and she likes to do her nails ,so I brought out the stamps and they work great this time around !!! . That handled the nail art portion.

Now for my nails . I found these great tips that are clear at sally's beauty supply and brought this brush on glue . I tried a gel from Sally's but it smelled horible and made my eyes burn and the nails always came out un even and broke very fast . So I decided to try something new . I tried orderless acrylic from "all seasons" and that didn't smell but it took way to long for the acrylic to dry and nails broke too fast also. So I thought what about gel and acrylic together . Read about Nail dip acrylic system , at Sally's but it got a bad review , some one sugested making your own . So I bought IBD 5 second brush on Glue , diped my nails in some acrylic I had left over the orderless acrylic system and used the curing spray from the no light gel system that i purchased . I filed my nails an shaped them and than buffed them with a white block . They came out pretty good.

Konad design with special black stamping polish .

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