Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wined up roses from M35

First off I will never wear glue on nails again. If you did not notice the nails from post last week were glue ons .
I had gotten really sick and it was time to redo my nails , however I didn't have the energy to get out the gel. So I glued some on , they looked decent . Two weeks of wearing them they lifted and two of my nails had green on them , something that have never ever happened with the gels.
I took off the glue ons and repaired my nails , I disinfected them and filed them . I did a new set of gels , however I have decided to try and always keep them this length .
I decided to start off valentines early and choose this pretty rose design from IM Plate 35 with wined up. Whats better or more romantic than wine and roses !

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