Friday, April 28, 2017

Quick Dip gold nails with black stamp , trying cinco de mayo ideas

I was growing tired of the round shape , also one of my fingers was not shape correctly .  I decided to do a new set ,  I usually do short nails , but this time I cut the tips first and then applied them .   I thought they would be pretty short , but they came out kind of long .   I didn't want to cut them and lose my shape , so I left them long.   It's taken a day to get used to typing , but so far so good. 

I applied the quick dip application and after I filed the nails I put IBD builder gel over them to  make them smoother .  Infact I think instead of using the IBD builder gel I could have just used the risen , I'll try that on the next set or fill.   I am hoping that the next time I change them it  will be a color change or fills.  

I think I still have some more practicing to do , but so far they look pretty decent .  for this set I used a gold color from Salley Hansen , called Game of Chromes , and then applied a stamp from my Konad stamping plate in special polish black pearl.   The design kind of reminds me of a fiesta , with the swirls and curves .  

I decided to purchase a professional stamping kit and bought a starter kit from Reval ,  I seen some tutorials on youtube and it looks pretty easy to use .   I paid $50.00 for the kit and I can't wait until it comes in the mail.  

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