Monday, December 26, 2016

Update on Christmas gel nails .

Hope everyone had a great Christmas , I had a great time spending time with my family and getting lots of great presents . However during the festivities I broke two of my nails , the first nail broke on Saturday right before I was going to leave for my sisters Christmas Eve Party.   My nailed cracked in the middle but did not come off completely.   I was able to clue my nail , however I could still see the crack.   By not having to go to the salon to get my nail fixed , I was able to fix my nail at home.   I took out my nail kit and applied gel over my nail , however due to where the break was I determined that I must have not created a good C curve .   I built up the C curve  using the drag method, I dipped the brush into the gel and laid the string of gel over the nails and built up the nail.   I cured it for the required three minutes .  The nail came out very smooth , so I buffed the nail , cleaned it and painted it .  Fixed my nail with in five minutes , you can not tell that it was ever broken.

While cleaning up after the aftermath of Christmas dinner I broke my thumb nail .  Again I was able to fix my nail at home in less than ten minutes .  I repeated the gel application again, however due to how the nail broke I had to redo the complete nail .  Having everything at home and on hand made repairing the nails so easy and of course because I didn't have to go the salon and pay to repair my nail I saved money  and time.   

My nails are complete again and so far I have not had any problems , however its only been a day .  I determined that the problem could have been that I did not build up the nail correctly and create the  C curve I have looked at all nails and I see that they now appear to have pretty good C curves , so we will see how the hold up further.  

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