Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I give up !!!

I'm done doing my own nails , though I found this amazing product , I can't seem to keep it on my nails , I experience a lot of lifting , and I am having trouble on fitting the tips on right .  Seems everything I have done is not working .  In my attempts of DIY nails I have damaged my natural nails and will now have to try to grow them out .  I love the look of long nails and hopefully I can get my nails to the length I want by just trying to let them grown out naturally .  It's been hard ,  if they don't grown than I will resort to finding a salon to get them done at .  I think I have done more damage to my nails than good .   In addition to now having to resort to going to a salon , I have wasted a lot of time and money .   I have already started looking for some good salons and have asked for some recommendations.   I just know they won't touch my nails at the shape they are in right now .   I am currently using Sally Hansen Nail Miracle and have read really good reviews on it , and I am hoping it works. 

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